How did The Empire of Japan annex Korea?

How did The Empire of Japan annex Korea?

The Japan-Korea Treaty was a significant point in relations between the two nations and was signed back in 1876 as Korea began its pull away from China. The goal was to grant Japan new trade rights with Korea, opening three ports and also giving Japanese nationals in Korea extraterritorial rights. From that point on, slowly, Japan gained more and more control over Korea until the full annexation

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  1. Korea proceeded to annexation with Japan because their economy and the entire system was failing. Japan wanted the peninsula for military security reasons. It was a mutual agreement which was beneficial on both sides. It was the Koreans who murdered Ito Hirobumi who was against Korean annexation. After that, Japanese Military was free to annex Korea just one year later. Koreans loved it as The Chosun Dynasty and its aristocrats were an usurper regime and the worst corrupt despotism parasitic Vampires you could get. Koreans tried to get rid of them by siding with the invading Japanese during the Imjin wars 250 years ago. It faiiled due to CHinese intervention then. It succeeded 250 years later. It was Japan which first gave them rights as human beings for the first time in 500 years of slavery. The population of Koreans doubled during the 35 years of annexation. They supported the Japanese cause in various ways, including the world war. They gladly threw themselves against the Americans with the Kamikaze. There's a reason why the Yasukuni Shrine holds tens of thousands of Korean souls.

    In the end, it was Western Imperialism that made Japan break out of its 250 years of isolation and forced the Chines, Koreans, Japanese to all declared themselves as Empires and went on war with each other. It's not like today where everyone gets a seat at the UN with diplomatic rights. You either become an Empire or a Colony.

    Let's also not forget that once liberated from Japan, South Korea became a dictatorship. Totalitarian governments always want its people to hate and blame someone else. SOmeone outside of their group. The Korean elites experienced their peasants siding with the Japanese twice to throw them off. And the Korean peasants experienced China siding with the corrupt regime twice.

  2. The nuclear bomb theory itself was already created 70 years ago, so it can be researched and manufactured in countries with a certain level of scientific and engineering level and economic capabilities. In the case of Korea, it is widely believed that it will be possible to produce nuclear weapons within two to three months if it does not do so. Since North Korea has been able to build facilities that can detonate nuclear weapons, it is safe to say that there is no country that cannot make nuclear bombs for economic reasons. Apart from theory, the basic structure itself is simple, so in the 80s, a physics undergraduate at Princeton University submitted a method to make an atomic bomb with term paper

  3. North Korea doesn't have culture. Only gifts from Trump. And no sign of being unified.

  4. What is up with all the ultra-nationalist Japanese in these comments defending the colonization of Korea? It's honestly sickening that people would defend that shit in the 21st century.

  5. Now the annexation was just the beggining of a very cruel, evil and brutal campaign of just pure terror and nothing else being the goal. The reason why they terrorized everyday civilians was to break the korean spirit and to not ever let it energize back up so they constantly tortured koreans daily. Theres a reason why this was nicknamed the korean holocaust. You ever wonder why lorea and Japan is always beefin…its all because of this period they annexed, it was so brutal the memories cant just be forgotten and lingers on to this day. It mustve been really bad because thousands of years of on going war and this particular period out that much of a stain on the relationship so you can only imagine how viciously evil it was. I learned a lot about it and the brutality couldnt have been thought of by a normal humans. They would go around billages just looking for mothers with babies so they could play a game of racking up points using their bayonets. Could u imagine the trauma the morhers would go through watching that done to their own baby…these were just some of the atrocities out of trillions they committed. So when you lesrn about all the brutalities it effects your reasoning and decision making abilities from that point on. I hope it teaches humans to be better humans when we learn about these things because this wasnt something that happened thousands of years ago…people who partook in these events are still alive to this day knowing exactly the things that were done.

  6. Japan failed to do so in late 16th century. They succeeded it more than 300 years later. Glory to the land of the rising sun.

  7. I will lay that simple quick facts here,listen and listen good folks,you have to go into deep roots of relations between 2 nations,instead just sucking surface like a lollies pops.nation of Korea
    Where it's name came from kingdom 1000 years ago called koryeo,with her 5000 bona-fide written history korea taught almost every sector of then Japanese society help them become savage like society into more structured advanced newly formed kingdom.
    1500 years ago north Korean Kingdom of koguryo and baekje of west Kingdom squish by conquering east Kingdom of silla many people who rejected east kingdom's rule move to main island of Japan called honshu,struggle and unite with native Japanese form a at that time primitive country called daiwa,ruling group as you guessed were horse riding Koreans from north.
    That's how Japan was formed and since then all the nobles and aristocrats have Korean blood,Japanese King sometime ago finally admitted.

  8. The Korean officials wanted us to annex them because they didnt want to be Chinas puppet anymore because China was failing, and because we were the most developed nation in asia with all our fancy new technology. They signed a treaty handing over Korea to us

  9. Why do Koreans hide historical documents?
    "Comfort Women" by Professor C. Sara So

    The article in the document with this title is hidden.

    In wars, soldiers sometimes rape innocent women. To prevent this from happening, the Japanese military asked businessmen to recruit prostitutes and operate comfort stations (brothels). The following is the order the Japanese military sent to comfort station operators. It says "Do not recruit women against thier will. Only recruit willing prostitutes." Japanese businessmen followed the order and only recruited willing women in Japan. But Korean businessmen recruited both willing prostitutes and unwilling women in Korea. This is why some of former Korean comfort women are still unhappy while we hear little or no complaint from former Japanese comfort women. If Korean comfort station owners had followed the Japanese military's order, there wouldn't have been any comfort women issue

    At that time, they were Korean Japanese.
    The Japanese military crime claimed by Koreans is the current self-introduction by Koreans.

  10. Yeah we Koreans got held hostage by a crazy genocidal empire in the early 20th century throughout WWII

  11. it seem Japan learn from European very well, too bad its a few hundred years late… or else korean might end up living in the reservation just like native americans…

  12. The Japanese did the same thing to Okinawans. However the Allies forgot to free the people of Okinawa from Japanese colonial domination. Instead they replaced it with American colonial domination.

  13. Japan was a colonial Empire that beat Russia, was asked by Hitler to become their main ally, humiliated Britain (Churchill called the fall of Singapore the worst defeat in the British military history), and killed 160k Americans in Pacific. Korea was just a part of their empire. No wonder Korean people have an inferiority complex against Japan…..Having said that, I fully admire Korea's development. From the ashes to one of the most prosperous countries.

  14. Invaders always say their stories are the answer. Japanese militarism was very cruel. If Japan was really kind, economically helpful, and happy, would Koreans really want independence?

  15. In every school outside of Japan, the former colonies are still studying the history of Japanese colonialism in their country….

    Honestly I can't stand to hear it, It feels so cruel even more than European colonization in Asia Pacific………

    I often hear about the case of Romusha, sex workers, sadistic massacres, and also shortages of food and medicine in colonial countries.

    Honestly it really made me cry! 🤧

  16. Don't gas lighting between Korea and japan, japanes is different w korean hight DNA, now korean young generation ate more then 6 feet, japanese are 5 feet. Langue is different they are longtime enemy, korean young people easy to beat japanese but japanese threatened w guns, so forced labor and hungry and dead, it was dark time history and japanese took korean rice 75%, king's family were forced merry to japanese, soon Hitter visited japan and Korea too and World War II happened and so on. And England japanese were took the world and have fun each other while Koreans busy to working and serving. Now they don't think about Japan at all, they always wrongly talk about Koreans and false news, result japanese loose, their economic tell the world what is true, and sin is not free, it must pay. Fake image is only image not true, so always truth win.

  17. Luckily Japan lost the war and the Koreans got their country back divided but free rulers off their country.sorry for Japan they learn the lesson the hard way unconditional surrender was very hard for the Japanese people and hopefully they will never do the same things again to Koreans or any other neighbours

  18. The annexation of Korea was the biggest mistake Japan ever made.
    Without it, the monster that is Korea would not have been born.
    Korea has become a cult country that can only prove its patriotism by being anti-Japan after the war.

  19. So basically Korea (both North and South) has always been the land of proxy war between great nations starting from Mongols invasion of Japan till date.

  20. There was an important event that was not described in this video.
    Many may wonder why there was no active military resistance from the Korean Empire government. because, at the beginning of the Russo-Japanese War, small number of Japanese troops secretly infiltrated Seoul and staged a surprise coup and captured the emperor.
    Therefore, the Korean army was unable to fight back. After that, the emperors had to be locked up in the palace.
    History would have been different if Japan's coup had failed.
    Of course, after Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905, there was a decade of strong resistance from militias across the country.
    thank you for this video

  21. 힘이 없으면 먹히던 시절이었고 조선은 망해가던 약소국이었다. 단지 그 뿐이다.

  22. This video made nice fake history. In the first place Japan have never had an ambition of territory on Korean peninsula. Before Meiji restoration Japan had fear for Russia already.
    In 1861, Tsushima island was occupied by Russian gun ship. Tokugawa government ordered to USA, UK, Netherland to get Russian gunship rid of Tsushima. Japan had many trouble for Russian advance. At the time Korea was so weak and poor under Qing china.
    If Korean peninsula were colonized by Russia, Japan's security must be empty.
    So Japan offered China to release Korea as an independenncy. But China had never accepted Japan's offer. So Sino-Japanese war occured in 1894. Japan won China in 1894.
    Japan got Taiwan as a compensation. And China released Korea too. Korea could be an independency in 1895 in first time for what korea had been slavish dependency of China for 1000 years long. Korea established Great Korean empire with Japanese support. But soon
    Korea was approaching to Russia for huge debt. In 1900, Korea was in bondage by Russian debt. Russia had built fortress in noth area of Korea already. If Korea was colonized by Russia, Japan's security must be empty. Eventually Russo–Japanese war occurred in 1904.
    Japan destroyed Russian fleet on the sea of Japan. Japan won Russia.So Korea sidled up to Japan to join Japan. Japan denied to accept Korean offer. Famous Ito,Hirofumi was against the annexation policy. But great opponent of annexaton policy was assassinated at Harbing of Manchulia in 1909 by Korean Ang,Jufun. So annexation policy began to move and Japan accepted Korea's offer. Japan annexed Korea in1910. You guys must know what
    Japan had never fought against Korea to annex.

  23. GDP per capita in 1820 (source : Our World in Data)
    Japan – 1317 Korea – 816
    Per capita wise, Japan had about 1.6 times more wealth than Korea. Plus Japan had 3 times more population than Korea. We were already behind Japan before their industrialization.

  24. 일본은 수천년에 걸친 열등감에 사로잡혀있는 민족이다.
    중국과 한국에게 모든 것을 전달 받아서 문명국이 되었다.
    한가지 예로 들자면
    한국 도자기 그릇 한개와 성과 교환하자고 간절히 부탁했다.
    일본은 흙으로 만든 그릇으로 음식을 먹던 민족이었다.
    그당시 한국이 볼땐 일본은 옷도 안입는 민족이었다.
    그리고 현재까지도 일본이 좋아하고 자랑하는 문화들이 중 대부분이
    한국에서 받은 문화들이다.

    동아시아에서 제일 먼저 근대화를 이룩한 일본은
    수백년동안 백인들에게 자랑한
    문화, 문화재 원조가 자기 자신이라고 했기 때문에
    동아시아 역사 자체를 바꿔야했다.
    그 시도는 1900년~ 현재까지도 진행되고 있다.

    한국은 역사 영화,드라마를 만들지만
    일본은 역사드라마 자체를 만들 수 없다.
    불쌍한 일본
    딱 한번 제대로 만들었다가 일본 국민들이 충격을 받았고 부끄러워해서
    그뒤로 만들지 않는다.

    절대로 백인들에게 보여 줄 수 없기 때문에
    오로지 재미를 위해 소설 같은 만화, 영화만을 만든다..

  25. On December 4, 1909, the Isshin-kai sent the following statement to Emperor Junjong of the Republic of Korea, Korean Chief of Mission Sone Arasuke, and Prime Minister Lee Wan-yu in the Korean Empire
    Statement requesting the merger of the Korean Empire and Japan as equals

    Statement demanding the union of Korea and Japan

    Japan spent a great deal of money and human lives to make Korea independent during the Sino-Japanese War.
    In the Russo-Japanese War, Japan's losses were twenty times greater than those of Kou, but it helped Korea to become meat to be swallowed by Russia and maintained peace throughout the East.
    Korea was ungrateful for this, and it was our fault that it was saddled here and there, deprived of its diplomatic rights, and led to the Protectorate Treaty.
    We also brought about the Third Japan-Korea Agreement (Treaty of Dingmi) and the secret envoy incident at The Hague. We also brought about the Third Japan-Korea Agreement (Treaty of Dingmi) and the Hague secret envoy incident.
    Let us appeal to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and the Emperor of Japan to develop our government and society so that Koreans may enjoy the same first-class national treatment as the Japanese.

    December 4, 1909, Isshin-kai (One Million Korean Members)

    Translated with (free version)

  26. the people of Korea, Manchuria and parts of Vladivostok were never considered to be real Chinese. in old Chinese text, they were described as being rude, barbaric and extremely poor. the Manchurians have similar characteristics because they were derived by the same Goryeo descendants but assimilated into Manchus. Korea was called stick country by the Chinese because during the Japanese rule, most of the Koreans in the police force were issued only a baton and they go around beating people with it to maintain social order. the stick became the symbol of the Korean police. that is, the barbarian with a stick. this region in Asia is most famous for many sex crimes, abductions, kidnappings and human trafficking. these people never understood the concept of modernization such as family registration, real estate registration, fair taxes, import and export. to their eyes, they only saw the Japanese as nothing but thieves.


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