How did The Haitian Revolution Actually Happen?

How did The Haitian Revolution Actually Happen?

The Haitian Revolution was a pivotal event in world history that transformed the landscape of the Caribbean and inspired future anti-colonial and anti-slavery movements. In this video, we explore the origins, key figures, and lasting impact of this revolution. From the leadership of Toussaint L’Ouverture to the role of enslaved Africans and their allies, we delve into the complex social, economic, and political forces that shaped this groundbreaking moment in time.

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  1. Great video, but please at least use google translate to see how to pronounce foreign words, hearing "Saint-Domingue" being pronounced as " Sen-Domangue" and "petits blancs" as "petit blanks" is a bit painful

  2. Bruh,I live in Dominican Republic, and I learn about the Haitian revolution here than in any history class ,lol.

    With that said. It is a shame that the country and its population,never seem to catch a break.

  3. Man, whenever I hear the story of Haiti I tear up a bit. The first black republic. Haiti had so much potential but the vestiges of the social hierarchy and the outside world’s contempt really hurt the country. Much love from a Jamaican 🇯🇲. May peace come to our beautiful islands.

  4. Would have been a great story had they not decided to pretty much commit genocide against white people after they won, some of whom even fought alongside them. There are some French territories in the region that are doing a whole lot better than Haiti, so in the long run they probably didn't even benefit from their own success. Sad.

  5. And look how the Haitians have messed up their own country to the point where they're begging for an armed intervention by western countries to restore order in Haiti.

  6. Napoleon reestablished slavery again in 1802, the French revolution far from being a milestone of freedom and the like, was a slaughterhouse where people were killed left and right and one of the greatest evils of humanity, the Haitians had their reasons.

  7. Man what’s up with all this overt racist copium my fellow wonder bread (white, I assume) brothers are taking in this comment section!? Apologies if I’m wrong but y’all are making me cringe and turn two shades whiter reading the 🧂 comments.. do better, we’re all human, we all bleed bloody red. This artificial division is exactly one of the main problems, being so gullible to fall for it and perpetuate it is disheartening.

  8. Knowledgia great video I really like ur vids also.. I respectfully ask about one of PR revolutions and attempts on becoming a independent state. Thank u for ur videos man thank u

  9. And then once they freed themselves, they enslaved their Dominican Neighbors. Ironically the DR Independence holiday was just a few days ago where they celebrate wining their country back from Haiti.

  10. I wish you mentioned Haiti’s Indemnity Controversy and how France (and even the US through Citibank) screwed over the Haitians, playing a significant role in the country’s poverty.

  11. what is funny is that the black nations are armed with the same equipment, they would probably win in a war. The US army was strong because they have lots of tall black men, even in WW2 olympic, the best aryan man lost against a black american man.

    Africa really lost only because of the invention of machine gun that made their muscle and number obsolete.

    Haiti was a good example, they put a lot of those frenchies to early sleep. "Libertie, Fraternite except for the black man!"

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  13. Thank you on the focus of the successful slave revolt in Haiti. A first for the Americas.

    I did some reading concerning the Emerging US and their relationship with Independent Haiti. If I can remember, Haiti approached the USA to begin a diplomatic relationship and assistance as a 'Free People'. I believe the US were having their own problems with England, France and Spain.
    They also owed a great debt to France for assistance in the American Revolutionary War. Let's not forget that Jefferson just bought the Louisiana Territory from France. The Government of the US – Slave Nation in its own right – Boycotted and refused to have any assistance and trading with Haiti. The ramifications lasted throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th Century. Haiti – A Nation for potential wealth – never recovered from the 'Stigma' placed upon it by the USA. Just look at Haiti today. My Thoughts. Thanks.


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