How did the Mongol Empire Rise to power? – The Mongols (Part 1/2)

How did the Mongols Rise?

Wikipedia : “Originating from Mongolia, the Mongol Empire eventually stretched from Eastern Europe and parts of Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, extending northwards into Siberia, eastwards and southwards into the Indian subcontinent, Indochina and the Iranian Plateau; and westwards as far as the Levant and the Carpathian Mountains”

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♦Sources :

Secret history of the Mongols

Morgan – The Mongols. pp. 49–73.

Valentin A. Riasanovsky – Fundamental Principles of Mongol Law

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  1. Due to some waste of time and some problems, the video was delayed for 10 days, and I am very sorry for that! The second part: "Why did the Mongol Empire collapse?" will come in a week. Stay tuned! Thanks for your support!

  2. Whoever is interested by the Mongols, I suggest listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History – The Wrath of the Khans. A GREAT overview of them 😉

  3. Two things to remember in history.
    1.) never invade Russia in the winter
    2.) never kill a Mongolian ambassador

  4. The Mongols conquers the land while the British conquers the sea & they both have the largest empires in the world but the Mongol Empire lost everything unlike the British Empire in which they still have few colonies left on this world & some of their former colonies became the member of the British Commonwealth. The Mongols didn't have their own Commonwealth after their empire had collapsed.

  5. My name is Khan at end and even my elders names are Khan and I'm a Pakistani still I not reached to any conclusion that what the mongol connection with us or it's just a coincidence that Pakistan have Khan(s).

    I would appreciate a good answer from history expert.

  6. Proud to be a mughals of timurids and chughtai khanate and paroud to be a changez Khan and great mangol our accenture

  7. Goryeo(korea) never surrendered to the Yuan Dynasty(Mongol Empire).

    It is unequal, but it has only signed a treaty of mutual friendship.

    The Goryeo and Yan Dynasty were influenced by each other, not unilaterally controlled. King Goryeo had the right to elect the Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

    War between Goryeo (Korea) and Mongolia

    1st invasion: Date: August 1231-March 1232

    30,000 Mongolian troops invaded. Goryeo succeeded in defending an important castle and bound half of the soldiers, but the capital was besieged, sending the royal family hostages and signing a peace treaty.

    2nd invasion

    Date: August 1232-December 1232

    Goryeo moved the palace to the island for war against Mongolia, and Mongolia invaded again.

    Mongolia could not properly occupy a single castle, and the commander-in-chief was killed in battle and retreated.

    3rd invasion

    Date: July 1235-April 1239

    When the Geum Dynasty fell in 1234, it attacked Goryeo. Mongolia lost several defeats, devastating Goryeo territory over four years and inflicting enormous damage.

    Eventually, in the winter of 1238, the Goryeo court proposed Ganghwa to Mongolia, and Mongolia also withdrew in the spring of 1239 on condition of Goryeo Gojong's entrance. But didn't fulfill the promise

    4th invasion

    Date: July 1247-March 1248

    Due to the short period, there was no significant damage, and the Mongolian emperor died and withdrew.

    5th invasion

    Date: July 1253-January 1254

    It came down to the central part of the Korean peninsula, but was withdrawn without capturing Chungju, an important adult.

    6th invasion

    Date: July 1254-December 1254

    The Mongolian army lost all three major siege battles and withdrew.

    However, the Mongol army plundered severely and captured 200,000 people, causing great damage.

    7th Invasion-Mongolia's Amphibious Operation

    Date: September 1255-June 1256

    The Mongolian army won one battle, but lost six battles and withdrew.

    8th invasion

    Date: May 1257-October 1257

    Mongolia lost two battles and withdrew when Goryeo promised friendship.

    9th invasion

    Date: April 1258-March 1259

    Mongolia lost two battles and withdrew when Goryeo promised friendship.

    1259 Goryeo Prince meets and discusses with Kublai, and Goryeo and Mongolia conclude a peace agreement, although they are unequal.

    Mongolia invaded 9 times, but each time they were defeated, they knew it was impossible to conquer Goryeo.

    Mongolian emperor Kublai made six promises and said he would not interfere with Goryeo.

    The clothes and hats worn on the head do not need to be changed according to the customs of Goryeo

    Envoys are banned from anything other than those sent by the Yuan court.

    Return to the capital can be adjusted in time at Goryeojeong.

    The troops withdrew in the fall.

    All of the Official from Mongolia are withdrawn.

    Those who volunteered to stay in Mongolia are investigated and returned.

    After the discussion, Prince Goryeo asked Kublai to become son-in-law.

    Afterwards, the kings of Goryeo became son-in-law of Kublai and his descendants and had the right to elect the emperor.

    The Mongolian emperor was able to replace the son-in-law, King Goryeo, but due to Kublai's promise, he could not interfere with anything in Goryeo.

    Mongolia could not occupy Goryeo and only signed a peace treaty.

    The Mongol emperor was able to replace the king of Goryeo, but he could not easily replace the king of Goryeo, an important member of the imperial family.

  8. definitely not due to the civilized, educated Kublai. the downfall were the Mongols like him who decided to settle down completely. and also the line of Jochi can go fuck off, especially Berke.

  9. In religion wise, I would rather say that Christianity would not actually influence that much as they had their own religion.


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