How did the Mongols Conquer Strongholds and Cities?

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The Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the Mongol History continues with a video on the siegecraft of the Mongol army, where we will learn how Genghis Khan and his successors were able to conquer so many strongholds and cities.

Evolution of the Mongol army:
Structure of the Mongol army:
Previous videos in our series on Mongol history:
Armies and Tactics:

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Comment (42)

  1. A small mountain fortress (Diaoyu) endured 36 years of besieging and surrendered only after learning the death of the last Song emperor in 1279. That's also the fortress where Mongke Khan met his final fate. Nowadays we see many people in certain countries who can't even cope with a couple weeks of staying at home and need to get their hair cut, or score at a night club.

  2. I lack the necessary eloquence to ask this question and avoid offending anyone, although I apologise in advance if it does – that is not my intent :

    The logic at work with regards to displaying examples of atrocities as a method to doing psychologically what they didn't have the sheer numbers to achieve – does this run along the same mindset as the sort of atrocities committed in the Pacific Campaign for example, how large of a factor might such a mindset be, looking towards the potential future…let's say 😐 ?

  3. Genghis Khan could have conquered the entire world if he had time. But even the biggest and baddest gangster in history of mankind failed to conquer his sons. He couldn’t stop his two sons Ogedei and Tului from being victims of alcohol while that shit head Chagatai couldn’t help but attacking his brother Jochi like a moron. Half the world could have had Mongol lineage had those 4 stayed straight and stuck together, lol!! Family affair is a bitch when so much power are at stake. It was quite common for Royal siblings to kill each other over a throne back in those days.

  4. do you think if Genghis Khan could have conquered Constantinople with those seige equipments if a war broken up between them ?! Write your comments below

  5. A great book about Mongols and the Templars. The Tartar Khan's Englishman
    by Gabriel Ronay. A great read and a mention of the Mongols truly great intelligence services.

  6. I find it surprising yet hilarious that these murderous peoples thought they could handle anything they "conquered" (more like subdued or extorsioned to me) after the death of any of their leaders since the overall cointegration and cohesion of the empire is, though not quite as militarily, laughable at,. Battles and lifetimes of warmongering and inhuman practices for literally no practicality in the long term at all. Many, if not all of empires, have fallen due to their incapability to manage their territory and intricacies, now, from that perspective, look at these bloody amateurs! xdddddd lol lmao lmfao e. It seems purposeless. They might have been intelligent for tricking andslaughtering but damn the dudes were not so much against this thought… or the steppes were incredibly boring and they just wanted lifelong riches for themselves, which is pretty probable and kind of pathetic… lolololololololol lmao lmfao e


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