How did the Mongols Destroy Baghdad in 1258 ?

How did the Mongols Destroy Baghdad in 1258?

The destruction of Baghdad in 1258 was a devastating event in the history of the city and the Islamic world. It occurred when the Mongol forces of Hulagu Khan captured and sacked the city, marking the end of the Abbasid Caliphate. The once-glorious city, renowned as a center of learning and culture, was left in ruins, its libraries and palaces burned, and its citizens murdered or enslaved. The events of that day marked a turning point in the history of Baghdad, and the city would never fully recover during the next centuries from the destruction wrought by the Mongols. The sack of Baghdad remains a symbol of the brutality and violence of Mongol expansion.

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  1. Mongol 1# during the invasion of Iraq: "Do you know what those ruins we are in now are?
    Mongol 2#: "Apparently, we are in the remains of the city of Babylon, the greatest civilization that existed before the Romans, the Greeks and the Persians…"
    Mongol 1#: "Well, Guess we'll have to pay our "respects" to this shrine then, don't you think?" 😉
    Mongolian 2#: "You just read my thoughts" 😉
    Proceed to unzip

    Mongols: "Does that include that time you sold the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes for mere scrap and when you burned the documents from the new Library of Alexandria?"
    Muslims: "That was infidel art…"

  3. Mongols was destructive power only they didn't build an strong empire after they conquered baghdad as well as they didn't get benefit from books in grand library at baghdad instead they used them as cover to pass euraphate river 😥
    (Destroy than vanish what f*ck)

  4. If the Abbasid Caliphs can be just religious leaders once, they can do it again. After the Mongols sacked Baghdad, the Caliphs that came after al-Mutawasim seemed to have no problems with being just the religious leaders residing in the domains of the Mamluk Sultans of Egypt and Bilad al-Sham. So why al-Mutawasim did not take that offer when he had his chance?

  5. The caliph was spending a lavishing life there. Mongols decided to overrun it inorder to demoralize muslims because muslims held caliph at high spiritual esteem. When Baghdad fall, it was found that Caliph had hundreds of concubines and eunuchs beside other wealth; such was our spiritual leader. Smashing such spiritual leader was not any bigger job for mighty mongols. BTW ,fall of Baghdad proved a herbinger of many events in future. It led to establishment of caliphate of Ottoman Empire which wouldn't have been possible in parallel with Abbasid Baghdad based Caliphate.

  6. TBH, even after the sack of Baghdad, science kept on going elsewhere like in Cairo, where scientists and historians lived like Ibn Al Khaldun. In my opinion, the Islamic Golden Age began in 786(Harun Al Rashid became Abbasid caliph and funded science) to 1386(rise of ottomans and decline of science) I'm not saying the ottomans didn't have science but science declined because the amount of enemies the ottomans had on all sides and the Reconquista and fall of Al Andalus.


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