How did the Ottomans Fail to take Malta?

How did the Ottomans Fail to take Malta?

Clashes between the Ottoman and European sides would continue over the following years, though nothing too drastic for some time. But, a failed naval campaign by Philip II of Spain had crumbled at the Battle of Djerba off the coast of Tunisia, reaffirming Ottoman superiority and securing the fear for the Hospitallers that the Turks would, surely, attack Malta very soon…

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  1. Refer there to “Christendom” (most of Europe except some of the Balkans is Christian today). And look at “Islam-dom” (most of the Saharan countries, most of the Arabian peninsula except Israel, the Turkic countries, etc.). All monarchs (or Islamic sultans, kings, khans, caliphs, etc.) claimed to rule in God/Allah’s name—but they somehow got permission.

  2. Are you sure that's how it happened? Age of Empires 3 taught me the Ottomans broke ranks after a burly scotsman sent his men to light a signal fire. The Knights then threw flaming hoola hoops at the janissaries until they completely routed. The Ottomans only ever invaded the island to stop a world-spanning secret society from using the map they found in a Maltese cave to discover the fountain of youth in Florida. Then both the Knights and the Ottomans abandoned Malta to chase the fountain in the new world.
    That game was a wild ride.

  3. I'm Maltese, thank you sharing this 🙂 just a few points though. The boats with the 1000 janissaries came from Marsa and the 1st small relief force the "piccolo soccorso" crossed undetected on land to kalkara and then crossed by boats to St.Angelo. Ascanio de la Corna was one of the leaders in the 'Gran Soccorso" great relief force was noticed with his bloodied sword from tip to hilt.
    ☩ Deus Lo Vult ☩

  4. Only flaw: you don't once mention that sicilian reinforcements and european reenforcements were all Spanish troops. And queen Elisabeth has nothing to so with this conflict at all! She might even be happy about the troubles for her spanish rivals. Biassed at all Knowledgia? Puta Albión…

  5. an interesting fact: the members of Catholic military orders (Templars, Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Calatrava, etc…) would only retreat or surrender on the orders of their Grand Master, on the contrary it was their duty to fight to the death, it was forging a letter from the Grand Master of Hapitaller's that Sultan Baibars managed to capture the Krak des Chevaliers

  6. This is why you should never judge a book by its cover, as a Maltese person I am proud to say that we won this war because of our proud and determined army and with the help of the gran soccorso from Sicilian forces

  7. Greetings from Turkey When Suleiman's father ascended to the throne, the pashas said to him, 'Let's take Malta', and cruel Selim's answer was 'I can't wait for days for a small place, I destroy states.

  8. I thank God virtually every day for the amazing heroic defence of Malta by the Knights of St John and then the glorious Catholic victory over Islam at the Battle of Lepanto. Catholicism (and Christianity in general) have offered and will offer more hope for humankind than Islam ever has or ever could. Love from England.

  9. dragut was a supreme chadlord. he got captured and ransomed by a huge amount and when freed he raided all of italy and send half of his share in the raids money to his captors and said I feel like I owe you this since I cost more than what was given.

  10. ottoman north african pirates were extremely fun to study. there are great figures like occhiali (kilic ali pasha) he was a minor italian noble whose lands were confiscated by church. he joined pirates and raided that exact monastery and bisophric. he became part of draguts fleet as captain of a galley rose to prominence and eventually replaced him as master of the seas. there are so many funy records about him. he has a mosque by bosphorus when it was opened they wanted him to pray but he did not know anything about islam. the master of religious affairs wrote that it is scandal and how come a caliphs navy could be used by a ignorant barbarian 🤣. ottoman history was all about this power struggles which eventually led to its downfall and its total domination by janissary and devshirme class. or there is seydi ali pasha who was a chad he lost againt portuguese in indian ocean and lost his ships he was so scared he will lose his head due to failure he became pirate in indian ocean created a new fleet wrote a book about india and than go back to sultan with new ships and gold and a book about india to be pardoned which he was welcomed. so many cool stories

  11. Like Vienna, the siege of Malta was not as important in the grand strategic picture as western popular opinion believe. The Ottoman Empire had reached its borders of power projection. The empire would have extremely hard time holding those cities even it was successful in capturing, let alone expanding further.


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