How did the Peloponnesian War Happen? – Athens Faces Sparta (431–404 BC)

How did the Peloponnesian War Happen? – Athens Faces Sparta (431–404 BC)

Sparta and Athens. Names recognizable across the globe. They were once the powerhouses of Ancient Greece, and it was the quarrel between these two entities, particularly that so stunningly brought about the end of the Golden Age for Greece. So what was it that pitted the mighty Athens against the steamrolling Spartans? How did these all-powerful city-states cause so much damage to an entire region?…

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  1. How was ancient Greece the loser? Philip's conquest resulted in Alexander taking Asia and the Greeks colonizing all of the near East, while Greek kingdoms emerged as far as Bactria and India. The fact that Macedon conquered the other Greek states is the primary reason the Roman empire turned Greek in the medieval age, and Greece still existing today

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  3. As a historian i can add, Syracuse was colonized by Corinth, They had very close ties with their motherpolis.

    After Peloponnesos war there were many unemployed mercenary hoplits and bands. Around 10.000 of them march to overthrow Persian king and replace Cyrus the young. Yet they failed to do so. After that, they march back from the Persia to Hellas.

    Fun fact is, Alexander the great was impressed by this event became an inspiration to conquer Persia.

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  5. We discussed this topic recently at university. The reason for the end of the golden age of greece (a rather subjective term, because in the 4th century the political independence ended but not the cultural work) was the inability of any greek city state to achive lasting dominance over whole greece. Spartans hegemony ended at the battle of Leuctra 371 BCE. Thebes hegemony only laste to the second battle of Mantineia 362 BCE. After the theben defeat no polis was able to achive sole hegemony over greece. Apart from the fail to setablish a sole hegemon, greece was also unable to build a joint-reign on a peaceful way. Alone, every city state was too weak to resist empire. In the Persian Wars the Greeks saw the need to join ranks btu they faild to do so afterwards. Thus the greek concept of the city state failed and they fell prey to greater empires such as the macedons, who have risen in power due to a lot of good political maneuvering and military reforms and later the romans.

  6. The ending doesn't seem explained very well. In the end, Macedon conquered all of Greece and "the real loser in it all was ancient Greece."
    Why? Macedon was just another Greek state. How did that spell the end of Greece?

  7. What a terrible narrator. He speaks too slowly, over-enunciates to a ridiculous point, and ALWAYS mispronounces everything! How can you not even say "Corinth" right!?

  8. Sometime videos like this tell the truth for the people and stop the lies of the so called megali-idea. Where is Epirus and Macedonia that Greeks claim as part of their helenic populations and territories??? The answer is simple; Epirus has always been Albanian and grabbed by Greece in 1913 as did with the territory of Macedonia. To add that also Macedonians never spoke the old Greek language (different from the the new Greek)

  9. Dorians were pelazgian and doric language was not greek. The only question is: did Greece occupied and annexed Southern Albania and slavic Macedonians in 1913??? Another question is have you ever read the original Iliad of Homer? In what language is written?? Have you ever seen the difference of : old greek and new greek languages????


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