How did Vasco Da Gama reach India?

How did Vasco Da Gama reach India?

On July 8, 1497, he set sail with a fleet of four ships, the Sao Gabriel, Sao Rafael, Berrio, and an unknown ship, all of which together totaled 170 crewmen, from the Portuguese city of Lisbon.
The expedition would finally make landfall near Calicut at Kappadu on May 20, 1498

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  1. Hello guys! I see many comments about the term "discover" that was used. Of course, the title is created around Vasco Da Gama, and intends to show from this perspective how he managed to get to India. I also used the word "discover" in the thumbnail, in quotation marks, to show some sarcasm about the term, because the Indian culture and civilization have existed for thousands of years since ancient times, and have existed in various forms of states until contact with the Portuguese. So the title wants to summarize how and in what way Vasco Da Gama managed to reach the territories of India, and in no case does it refer to territories that were unknown until then. Cheers!

  2. India is not discovered by this man . India is the one and only oldest civilization in the world . Improve your knowledge your knowledge is even lower than my room temperature 😂😂😂😂.

  3. Lol way before Vasco da Gama there were Arab indian wars , Greek indian war , Persian indian wars , Saka invasions , hun invasions. India known to entire world thousand of years before vasco da Gama

  4. भाई , वास्को डी गामा के आने से पहले भारत नहीं था क्या ?!!!

    क्यों फालतू के विडियो बनाते हो कुछ अच्छा बनाओ,

  5. Why is European always look for credit. It is all makeup history.. The Arabs and the Chinese was doing trade with India for thousand of years.

  6. I always thought this “discovery” was funny since you can literally walk to India from Portugal 🤣

  7. He himself did not find the sea route for india when he and his ship was splashed by water he got missed and indian fishers taught fish and caught and saved him taking this as advantage he brought portuguese and killed those fishermans and conquered goa of india

  8. Honestly I just saw the title and I was like what’s wrong with you?India discovered you westerners are really crazy you are not so important as you beleive there are so many places far more rich in everything and far more advanced by stealing,insleving and killing you were at one point in a position to lie and make up stuff your time has ended sooo

  9. Where is Pandinadu, Cholamandalam, travancore in your damn map ? Who draw all these stupid maps ? Better you study well before drawing your maps.

  10. What do you mean discoveted india…. India is worlds oldest & first civilisation. When people were talking in sign language without clothes & lived in caves we had written literature,medicine & treatments,planned city…. he reached India not discovered it

  11. Discovered…?? Indian sub-continent was civilised before. He better found Sea-Route to India.

  12. Surch for Portugal
    Where is it
    Anybody have find that small piece of land
    You bloody colonists

  13. The pilot who helped him navigate to India was a Muslim . Narrator is deliberately avoiding his name . Degama was a ruthless mass murderer , committing countless acts of banditry. On his way he plundered countless Muslim pilgrim ships to Mecca and set them on fire and burned all people on aboard alive.

  14. O pessoal não tá nem aì para a indianada,nem para o país da indianada. Nem interessa para nada… o passado é isso mesmo:passado.

  15. Indian Gujrati Captain Abdul Majid guided Vasco Da Gama navigating to Calicut. Unfortunately he doesnt get the credit

  16. oh my my.. so we indians actually started living on this land after he discovered india.. dammmn.. i thought our forefathers were living here for millenia….
    bloody self centered Europeans


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