How did Zheng He Explore The World?

How did Zheng He Explore The World?

In a world of kings, queens, and mighty knights, it wasn’t every day that an intrepid explorer would draw the attention of the populations around him and his journeys. Nevertheless… every now and then, such a man would pop up and become a spectacle for generations, or even centuries, to come. Explorers such as Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo filled this club of elite adventurers, but one in particular, a man by the name of Zheng He, had quite a unique story to add to the collection…

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  1. The purpose of Zheng He's expedition was to find any descendant of deceased Emperor Ming Jianwen because Emperor Ming Yongle feared Jianwen's descendants would come back to overthrow him. During Zheng He's expedition, Ming Yongle ordered the conquest of Dai Ngu in the South because Vietnamese emperors used to support Ming Jianwen's ascendancy to the throne. Of course, Yongle's primary purpose for the conquest was to extinguish any support for the previous Ming Jianwen since there were rumors that Ming Jianwen's descendants were in Vietnam. In the end, it was confirmed that both Zheng He and Ming expedition forces in Dai Ngu could not find any descendant of Ming Jianwen.

  2. BANGLADESH 🇧🇩and CHINA🇨🇳 have a long history of friendship. BANGLADESH and CHINA have been trading with each other since ancient times. Admiral Zheng he's fleet visited the port city of Chittagong twice.⛴
    Sultan Giasuddin Azam Shah, the Sultan of Bengal, received the admiral Zheng in his capital sonargaon. The sultan also reciprocated by sending valuable gifts to the Ming King, including one long necked giraffe which is according to Chinese tradition a symbol of divine fortune.

  3. Ma He's real last name was Sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din. His ancestor Sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din Omar was a Persian noble who worked for Kublai Khan. The voyages weren't completely peaceful, and Zheng had especially engaging battles in Sri Lanka where he essentially traded places with the defenders, with his ships captured by Sri Lanka's usurper and Zheng captured the capital instead. He would also get his own change to visit Mecca for a pilgrimage on his 7th voyage.

  4. Zheng He is very well know here in Indonesia. we call him admiral Cheng Ho. if you find a mosque in Indonesia with a Chinese architectural style, it is the Cheng Ho mosque.

  5. This didn't explain what he did at all, other than "he went from China to Saudi Arabia and took the same route 7 times." No mention of what lands he discovered, how much of his route was undiscovered, what he achieved on his travels (other than grabbing a giraffe) or why he just took the same route over and over and over.

    I was hoping for a Chinese James Cook or Marco Polo; instead I got a super vague and lame story.

  6. I believe Zheng He also crossed paths with Sai’d of Mogadishu who also a world renowned explorer of the time as well!

  7. It is also considered that the fleets that were built have an infamous name calling it the "Floating City".

  8. Technically, he didn't. He did go on the trade route established by the Arabs on the Ocean. You can say he explore the world when it comes to the perspective of the Chinese, but the trade route on the sea existed way before him.

  9. China brings back envoys and trade, the west brought disease and slaves and destruction, but you know, the west is the good guys…

  10. It is said one of the reasons for his wanting to travel the first time was to go for Hajj; and he did manage to go to Mecca, he may not have been there during Hajj; but when it is not Hajj season people can do the mini-pilgrimage called Umrah which is what he probably did. No title is given after this, hence it was not widely known that he visited Mecca.

  11. 1644 End of Ming dynasty- that was the end of real Central Kingdom/"China"
    What came after was colonization- it ended Central Kingdom/"China" and changed its culture (for the worst-).

  12. After the fall of the last Han dynasty aka Ming dynasty came the brutal conquest and looming fate of China

  13. But some Chinese themselves do not believe Zheng He's voyages to be history. For instance this article 郑和下西洋乃是个被夸大到千万倍的虚假宣传 has been online for decades. This article argued that Zheng He's ships were too huge to be built by people 600 years ago. It also quoted a few Chinese ship building experts' testimony.

  14. My elementary education in Taiwan
    taught all the official records were purged and burned due to some unclear political reasons.
    what a great loss for not only China, but the whole of humanity.

  15. A lot of the written records were burned by subsequent administrations so as to dissuade further voyages. These voyages were extravagant and not really necessary since sea trade already flourished in Asia, and moreover the subsequent administrations wanted to shift their focus towards pacifying the north. These voyages might've been useful had China wanted to do colonialism as the Europeans did, but China didn't.

  16. The Giraffe was given to him by Somalis. Until now, Giraffe or ‘Geri’ in Somali, is still used as the term for giraffe in Chinese.

  17. Unfortunately, such activities were focused only on building up a dynasty authority & extending a range of tribute trade(朝貢貿易) because Yongle(Zhu-Di) has crowned Emperor through a military coup, not normal succession. Therefore, he fell into a massive business like a conquest of Mongols or Ocean expeditions to able to raise the monarch's authority and legitimacy.
    Honestly, 81 million Han-Chinese(漢族) were not interested in World Ocean expeditions and have surrounded by Sinocentrism(中華思想). Furthermore, a Scholar-officials(士大夫) called the knowledge class ignored or despised such activities because where the outside world was called 'barbarians' and have only judged depending on Etiquette-law(禮法).
    Barbarians =>> Created concept in the ancient Zhou dynasty

  18. 1000 years to years of years before Colombus discovered America , Houi Shin , a Chinese explorer called the land he discovered as Fujin , all according to the vast records he gave , the land was concluded with modern day Mexico …… Which is in America ………

  19. Zhang He's voyages should be in Western history books, but none were found. Sadly his voyages were as much as impactful as Europeans did in Asia


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