How Europe Stole Africa (so quickly)

The Scramble for Africa, Explained
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In the third and final part of How Europe Stole the World, we explore how industrial imperialism allowed Europeans to carve up Africa with astonishing speed.

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Comment (43)

  1. Thank you for the video. This is significant knowledge what most of the people nowadays missing. All the wealth that we have in the western world is because of looting the peaceful countries. Now the western countries are feeling the economical and political "threats" from the Asian and African countries, and find still ways to fight back with embargo towards countries like China and pointing out to the humanitarian topics which does exists, but It's not even a 1% of the damage that Western countries has done to them in the near past. Japan being terrific to the Asian subcontinent in 40s and especially Chinese people. Studying history is important, and it will help to avoid future Military allegations vs the Asian and African countries.

  2. 13:30 The Europeans did not turn the local African tribes against each other. The African tribes had been warring against each other for centuries. As you previously indicated, it was not white europeans who ventured into the African interior to enslave Africans. It was the Africans themselves who enslaved other Africans. One tribe of Africans would subjugate and enslave weaker tribes and would sell them to anyone who would buy them. The white europeans had no immunity against Malaria so it would have been suicide to even try.

    These portrayals of Europeans raping Africa are a lie. There was some bad but a lot of good. It was the Christian Europeans who finally forced the ended slavery in Africa. The europeans fought wars against African tribes who had grown wealthy selling slaves, and wanted slavery to continue. Africa is still the only continent where slavery is allowed.

    So the colonization of Africa brought a lot more good than harm. The europeans created peace and stability where none had been before. The Europeans brought education, medicine, clean water, sanitation and new technologies. On the whole the colonization of Africa was a great benefit for Africans.

  3. The uncomfortable truth is that colonisation facilitated most of us being alive – whatever race we are. Not only because of the medicines that were spread, but because of inter-continental trade. 

    eg Africa, on its own cannot feed the 1.3 billion humans on it today. Not anywhere close. The US can feed itself as can India and some other places. But Africa doesn't have that amount of arable land per person. So weirdly trade, which resulted from colonisation, facilitates WAY more Africans being alive today, than if colonisation had never happened.

  4. Europeans had few and limited resources on a small continent. That forces people to fight and claim land naturally. Ownership of land wasn’t it because many Africans and Asians had plenty of land to share.

    You have a group of monkeys one banana they will fight over it, but if you give a group a monkey a plethora of bananas theres no point to fight and look for more bananas ( ie. land)

  5. Europe didn’t steel the world, they advanced civilization. To him who wins the war go the spoils. You know the Bible better than the back of your hand. Thusly you know I Am correct. First civilization in recorded history to share the spoils with the conquered and the first conquering civilization in history to follow the example of Moses/God without an act of the Most High insisting. Europeans are the greatest of all time if one considers recorded history.

  6. the whole map thing. one wall of my bedroom was a 6 foot x 6 foot street map of my city. so many hours of looking at that map. past life / future life cartographer maybe. but i get it.

  7. And he had to fuck it up with the "nice things the system brought". Since the dawn of time, technology ALWAYS traveled across the world and people learned from one another. RACIST IMPERIALISM wasn't a justification nor necessary. F'n white people

  8. Hello Johnny! I have been following your channel for a long time now. In many of your videos you talk about European colonizers. As a Eastern European I think it is a bit incorrect to use the term European all the time you talk about these global empires. Eastern and Central Europeans were not involved in colonization and are true Europeans too. Our history was negatively influenced by the imperialism of these western states. It is unfair to be put together with them based on our geographic proximity.

  9. The western world are still doing this. They act like they are more civilized, have higher morale values. Instead of taking lands, they now, tells other counties what is right or wrong and utilize financial system and sanction to control other countries.

  10. Dude You want to whitewash the sins of Europeans in Africa. Killing millions of Africans, enslave them, steal land, explanation and humiliation for long long time. Who will talk about that?

  11. I really love your ability to examine such complex issues from a balanced and nuanced perspective. To see and highlight both sides of a story, looking for the middle ground between tradition and contemporary, humanity and technology, while tying it all together through the intricate web of history. Bro, you are absolutely killing it right now. This video was amazing and much needed for our time, where there is undoubtedly a legacy of white supremacy haunting the world, while also acknowledging the controversially beneficial role Europeans may have played in uniting the planet. I hope to learn more from the channel in 2023 and participate more in the community you're developing here. Keep up the great work and much love from NC!

  12. One consequence of Europeans carving up Africa like that is not taking into account the tribal, ethnic and religious make-up of the continent. It was deliberate for divide and conquer rule. But it resulted in after the countries gaining independence, you end up with each country made up of multiple rival tribes; which is why Africa is cursed with civil wars since people are more loyal to their tribe than to the artificially created country.

  13. They got ahead by leaving behind all Morality. Look at the world today, nobody has any morality, its all about gain, monetary, social, economic gain. They took a world in-tune with nature to a world on the brink of extinction and self destruction. Medicines were advanced even before them, people were civilized even before them. This video just shows a reflection of the mental brainwash they have had on the entire human race.

  14. Blacks have lobby in usa due to that people are aware about this genocide spree of Europeans in Africa but their minds are colonised rather than preserving their civilisation heritage they have converted to colonisers religion and dogma.
    Same has happened with India that is Bharat but it has been able to stop these colonisers to fully convert them.
    In my opinion blacks should help Hindus to to make lobby to make people aware about the genocide which has happened during Islamist and Christian invasions and continuing and Hindus should help blacks to regain their polytheist;nature loving civilisation heritage.

  15. I don't want to start my day by complaining about maps..but before even 30seconds has gone in there's a mistake in the map of Europe. The Scandinavian countries aren't highlighted, by obvious reasons (cause they didn't partake that much in the whole colonialization thing…that much..) but Russia is, for obvious reasons cause Russia still is a colonial power.. The problem is, that (the modern day) Finland isn't highlighted, like it would've been a independent Scandinavian country or something, but back then it was a part of and colonized by the Russian empire (with "got" it from Sweden, which had been colonizing it for the past 600 years and didn't get its independence until 1917.. ) like the rest of Northern Europe and Siberia.

    But otherwise…nice!


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