How Flags & Colors Help Us To Understand End Time Prophecy & The Timeline To Babylon’s Destruction

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  1. Another great teaching brother keep it up. The 7 nations of vanity is mention in the war scrolls end time of the dead sea scrolls. However are you saying self defense is rebellion ?

  2. Brother I was on this Sabbath feed live on Saturday 5-14-22. I came with a open mine and heart but I must say you brothers seem to be more concerned to prove other Israelites wrong. Your reader said something that was NASTY EVIL AND WICKED and you agreed again laughing WITH HIM. He said those Israelites teaching on the street are saying that the most high is only coming for the Israelites are only saying that to pay back the white race for their slavery. That’s wicked as hell. As if they are not having Doctrine understanding that maybe your can be wrong or both right. You guys are setting in your homes feeling prideful about your understanding, calling them prideful. Really!!! They are out there sounding the Alarm in the rain snow hail heat ect… as The Scriptures Spoke IT!!! and this is the Respect you give to the Children of The slave trade. It was sickening to my stomach to hear you Jamaicans (children of the Slave trade) say that and laugh about what we and our Ancestor’s went and still going through. Sir you the leader I expected more from you. I couldn’t stay on the live sabbath class because that grieved me badly. But yet you read a scripture and you interpreted saying we must respect the wicked bosses oppressors because the most high set them above us. Sir you brothers have more respect for the wicked than the Children of The Most High. I had to write this comment. Sir you have a insight for scriptures break down I am new to your teaching but my spirit is saying who’s the prideful ones at this point. The Words you guys speak Matters!!!

  3. Shalom, shalom. Trinidad and Tobago's flag has red in it 🇹🇹, so is it that they are just following the main nations as well, or is it for the red, white, blue nations?

  4. A sinner is one who has only literal understanding of the scripture. Sin is concerned with cognition, and not concerned with one's actions in this dream world (virtual-reality).


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