How Globes Were Made Before Satellites

Shout out to math for all these beautiful globe projections.

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  1. The lack of brain cells for some people just shocks me. I mean i have very few brain cells my self but at least i knew we had globes before we went to space

  2. It's difficult to forget that science is many ways the same as art to a viewer, wherefore numbers are numbers until they accumulate into a topography of peaks and valleys such that a machine could make. But art is sees the same but interprets figures from an ink blotch.

  3. also, how did scientific advancement go so fast ? how did it all progress so much ? what was the driving force ? why did people learn science back then ? the coordination ?

  4. I think NASA and Space X should start a program for Flat Earth Supporters, who the purposes of this comment we will just call the mentally ill.
    The program should provide a free flight into earth orbit. If, after arriving, it’s clear that the earth is flat, then NASA would be responsible for your travel back to earth. If it turns out it’s round, your on your own to get back.
    Seems fair to me 😂

  5. I get what he’s saying with measurements. But how did they know it was a Globe? Before you get fresh, understand that early 1400s is when the other side was realized by most. Now smart one ,tell me again ,with the Piri Reis Map 1513 in mind. How was this possible ?

  6. I hate this trend of saying hey I know I could find the answer to this question in about 30 seconds, but how about instead I ask you the random people of the internet!

    Like some of the questions I get, they’re thought provoking and people will have different answers, but stuff like this? Bro Google it, don’t waste our time 😭

  7. no wonder the person who did the flat design where the land mass gets bigger towards the poles. whatever the math is in this vid is extra compared to that one. maybe

  8. “We had a bunch of smart people” something we seem to be missing now or if they are out there we are ignoring them on purpose.


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