How Husbandry Helps Us To Walk In Perfection – Testament Of Issachar

We have heard it said that no man can walk sinless. Christianity tells us we all have to sin, we must sin (so might as well go on sinning).

Well, the Testament of Issachar is a very interesting one, as it chronicles the testament of the 5th son of Jacob and Leah, who claims to have not committed a sin unto death. He shows us how to walk sinlessly in singleness of mind, and revealed the part that husbandry plays in helping us to walk in righteousness and sinlessness.

After studying this, we see that man can indeed walk sinlessly, if all his heart and mind is focussed on doing the will of the Most High and not on one’s own desires.

Watch this video and see how important husbandry (crop and animal farming) is to our ability to walk in perfection before the Most High.

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