How I See the US After Living Abroad for 15 Years [CULTURE SHOCK]

How I see the US after living abroad as an expat for so many years – pros, cons, and reverse culture shock. What’s your opinion on living in the US vs Europe or abroad? Join the conversation in the comments.

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👱🏻‍♀️ About: Kristin Wilson is a digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and expat relocation consultant who has lived, worked, or traveled in 60 countries over the last 15+ years and helped 1,000’s of people move abroad or travel full-time.

Kristin is also a writer, public speaker, podcaster, and TV host who has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV’s House Hunters International, Huffpost, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Business Insider, ESPN, and more.

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Comment (23)

  1. Over the course of the last century, society lost its way to the new world order pandemic.. GLOBALIZATION, meaning that although science and technology evolve a whole lot society wise we did not and that bar scales up higher when measuring 1st world countries VS underdeveloped ones and irony is that even technology has facilitated communications and brought the entire world much closer we are still very much apart.
    That is why that more and more people are starting to wake up and fixing their eyes to a new purpose in life, a life very much down to earth without consumerism, excess, falsity, sheep mentality and persuing false "prophets"… that´s the reason for so many people embarking on an off-grid life trying to escape the rat race and trying to be themselves and choosing as many details as possible, taking back ownership if that makes any sense.
    Still, I fear you managed to avoid one of the most important negative aspects of modern-day America which is safety and how easy it is at every given moment for shit to hit the fan.

    In some European countries, you pretty much can walk outside even at late hours, alone, with no worries in the world, which for me is worth a whole lot… does not mean it's the Shan-gri-la but the chance of something bad happening is much lower.
    Only takes courage to take the first step, as is never easy escaping your comfort zone, nevermind the doubts as you can always take a step back and return home, if you don't take that first step you will live wondering your entire life.
    Everything is impossible until someone does it… so embrace the journey !!!!
    Lastly for me was so refreshing to witness your life´s experience throughout a clear, thought out, and unbiased discourse that every person wherever he/she might sit watching this, will not doubt a single word, and I truly hope, that they might even feel as inspired as I did.
    Kristin wish you the very best in life, that health and happiness follow you everywhere and that the internet never fails you again xD

  2. I’ve lived in the Philippines three years between Manila and Cebu city as well as living outside the city limits. I’ve lived like a king with little worries. I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin, came from a poor family. I didn’t venture into the world till I was 35 and it has changed me a lot in a good way. I would never move or temp to live in the US unless it’s a family emergency. She tells the truth.

  3. si es verdad lo que dice pero hay mucha abundancia y variedad de las cosas trabaje duro y sea responsable de su dinero,controle sus emociones cuando compre y lo nesesario . es el unico pais de abundancia .

  4. si a vivier a otro pais del tercer mundo la myor parte de las cosas es de mala calidad y no abundancia y hay garantia de lo que compras es la de Usa y vivo en costa rica como pencionado y mucha insiguridad y la impunindad de la leyes.

  5. Kristen, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I just wish I were younger than my 68 years and could take some of the risks that you have taken. You nailed it in terms of how things are in the US today. Consumerism seems to be "king." Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm curious–will you return to your nomadic lifestyle at some point?

  6. Thank you for your video,so much spot on. I wish so bad everyone could leave for a time so they could see what America has become. The part you said about television commercials and media! I no longer watch regular television for that very reason. When we traveled to Switzerland and grocery shopped, so easy and so very tasty! Thanks again.

  7. You are a white woman. Of course, to you, the people of the U S. "are nice".
    But all this is ooold news. Finally someone who popped the buble they were living in. Good for you.
    This is the start of the end of the U S.

  8. You seem very shallow and judgemental by using the words "everything" and "everyone" talking about the US. You are judging the entire nation and its people by where you live in it. You need to travel in the US a lot more. The US has a beautiful geography, liberty, and freedom. Don't live in big, crowded, expensive, high cost, high tax, high crime, high regulation metros. Portland, the SF Bay Area are not Montana or Idaho. You don't have to give into to the factors you mentioned as downsides. If you retire, you'll have to so start now. You can avoid advertising. You can resist immediate gratification and impulse buys. You can live on a budget. Stay off social media sales and snooping platforms and de-monetize them. My wife and I camp, hike, kayak, fish, and have a great time with people who share our enjoyment of the outdoors in the West US. The US has one of the highest home ownership rates in the G12: no more rentals, building equity, and you can customize it for your lifestyle. My view is that you are just refusing to adapt and are really complaining about your own unwillingness to change or find a place that suits you.

  9. Consumerism is not an US only thing.

    Why don't you compare the cost of living of the people that actually live in these countries?

    I would like to know what countries you have actually lived in….

    Saying that the whole European continent has leisurely lunches is not true. Europe is extremely diverse and not all take siestas after lunch……

    The countries that have a lazier way of life is greatly reflected in their GDP

  10. Your a breath of fresh air… Thank you… I only go the Europe for 3 to 4 weeks @ a time and I only take carry on, that's it… I'm now trying to move to Italy… That will be my retirement… Not that will slow me down being a photographer.. It seems everywhere I've been, European towns have great weekend Farmers Market… MMMM…

  11. The problem with Americans is its all about, me me me… So don't let these type of people ruin your personal life… Don't let media and government get you down… It's hard but do able…

  12. if you want to live a simple life, live inland bulgaria no stress, the west costa rica ok , so is the sanblas islands, norway is expensive for clothes, jordan is ok cant even remember how many places av been to a lot more than whats above but, i prefer Northumberland its the history climate and solitude, dont like miami, canada is ok the nile is class for a relaxing holiday, loads and loads more but its shower time, be seeing you

  13. 42.4% obesity? Holy cow, I'm shocked. I knew Americans are bigger than the average person globally, but 42.4%? Wow.
    And here I am on day 6 of my 7 days water fasting as vegan. I wonder if I could sustain my lifestyle in the US with all those temptations everywhere.

  14. Excellent presentation, clear and pertinent. I think many of us (I'm Irish living in Spain) feel great sadness at what is happening to the USA and hope that the current trends will somehow be reversed. We feel that USA is in the grip of giant corporations squeezing it to death. Many populations around the world are kept in the darkness of propaganda. Travel shines a bright light on this condition. Wishing you and your country the very best of luck and hope for the future.


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