How is France on its Fifth Republic? (Short Animated Documentary)

The formal title for France today is the Fifth French Republic and given that most nations have only had one period of republicanism (or maybe two), how has France managed to have five? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary.


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Comment (37)

  1. For those keeping score, the "ancien regime" of France lasted for, at least, 805 years from 987 to 1792. Since 1792, France has had five republics, two empires, two kingdoms under two different dynasties (Bourbons and Orleans), one fascist puppet regime and one socialist commune, and that's without talking about the absolute mess of French politics of 1795-1799 and Napoleon's de facto dictatorship 1799 to 1804.

  2. "We elected a man called Louis Napoleon, nephew of Emperor Napoleon as President of France, who had enormous respect for persona liberties, freedom of the press, democracy and – just kidding he proclaimed himself Emperor."

  3. Not even joking: radical left presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon has the sixth Republic as part of his campaign promises if he is elected.

  4. this video could be oudated because today meany people in france want a 6th republic, because in meany aspect the 5th republic is verry controversial(democraty,49.3……)

  5. I sure hope French understand not to vote for Le Pen because votes that way would sound like a great way for them to find themselves living in the Sixth Republic some years later.

  6. I don’t know much about politics but if by changing republics you change constitution it means you’ll no longer have to keep on absurd laws of the past like the American second amendment… (for example)

  7. I'm French and I always find weird that we study the XIXth century very little in highschool. I've asked my brothers and my friends and they think the same. I guess it also depends on the highschool and the teacher …

    We go from all the French Revolution shit and July 1789 to WWI without studying the XIXth century which is the base of modern France as much as we should (Napoleon Bonaparte and all the great things he did (in France !!), his wars and his empire, how he was defeated, the succession of republics, monarchies and empires, how France evolved in this century, etc etc.)

    I had to read a Napoleon biography in order to know more about this guy who drastically changed France …

    The other KEY CHAPTER of France's History I think we don't study enough is the colonisation (also in the XIXth century …) and the wars of independence (Indochina, Algeria) that were great and humiliating defeats for France and changed its fate. Algerian independence war ended the 4th Republic, brought back De Gaulle and gave birth to the 5th Republic.

  8. Both the First and the Second Republic are popularly held being ended by the corresponding First and Second Empire. However, from a legal point of view, they are not. The First Republic came to an end with the Restoration of the Monarchy, as the Empire was the provision of the Republic government to the Emperor by Senatus Consulte. Same apply with the Second Republic, which was claimed to be a prolonged into the Second Empire. It formally ended with the proclamation of the Third Republic at the end of the war, not with the proclamation of the Empire.


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