How many men does it take to crew a Napoleonic warship?

A short clip from our HMS Victory: Total Guide series.

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  1. I find it fascinating that there are so few documantaries about this matter to be honest.

    Other topics, like Roman legions, Napolionic (land) warfare, WWI and especially WWII get an overwhelmingly amount ot coverage, but you have to search for some good documentaries about tall ships (No, not about pirates, but actual sailing ship warfare and battles). Which is a shame imo.

  2. By the Gulf War, the supercarrier was the world's largest and most sofisticated weapon of war. And it needed a huge crew for it to work efficiently. In 1991, USS Nimitz's crew was around 6,000, every man and woman at his and her designated role.

    From the admiral of the fleet, to the ship's captain, air wing commanders, naval lieutenants and marine officers, warrant officers, midshipmen, clerks and stewards, petty officers, sailors of the leading, able, ordinary and recruit varieties, a complement of marine infantrymen, down to the ship's cooks and the laundromat.


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