How one Corporal’s mistake cost Napoleon 30,000 men

A clip from our video on the Battle of Leipzig. Watch the full video here:

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  1. I can only imagine what it felt like to be near that corporal, knowing what the plan was, knowing that HE KNOWS what the plan was, and he still got scared and pulled the match to early. Like you just got to stare at him like Wtf is wrong with you.

  2. 5 Russian painters appeared on the far bank to draw a picture of Napoleans triumphant retreat.

    After the bridge was blown, they had to settle with drawing Napoleon having a tantrum.

  3. the task to blow up the bridge was delegated by berthier to a general of division, then that general delegated it to a colonel then that colonel delegated it to a corporal.

  4. The title is not true. In fact at this moment Leipzig was trapped with 20000 French troops injured and the rest around 8000 soldiers who could fight. The injured became prisoners but could not fight anyway. A large part died the days after. The less injured have been evacuated prior during the morning. The remaining are
    This corporal costed 8000 soldiers. Not 30000.

  5. The corporal did exactly what he was ordered to do:
    When you see the enemy, you blow up the bridge.

    The mistake is not the corporal's; the mistake is in the order given to him by higher ups.

  6. The corporals mistake was a bonus for the Russian troops, Wellington's troops to thoroughly trounced Bonaparte's buttocks. 2 exiles on Elba & St Helena…..just think of what history would have been like if he thought could have returned for a 3rd time.
    Wellington was not in the mood for Bonaparte's antics.


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