How Putin Censors Journalists

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Comment (25)

  1. Ok great Russia is doing wrong but why did usa banned Russian news outlets but usa was so damn concerned about freedom of speech when China banned BBC and the news of USA shooting down UFOs to distract the media from Ohio incident

  2. Let's not forget what the American establishment has done and is still doing to it's opponents. Collusion, censorship via big tech, false imprisonment, hoaxes, indoctrination. The list is long. In many respects Putin is a lightweight in comparison.

  3. Hi Johnny. Here I am again, asking you to make a video apology about the Established Titles scam and how you endorsed their scam (by mistake I’m assuming) Please don’t delete my comment again, as I will simply rewrite this again and again until you reply. Cheers.

  4. Bro why don't you talk about how western nations are blocking stoping Russia business man and athletes from competing just because they are Russians. Please lets not take one side and forget about the other..

  5. I don't think it's about Fascism, or only about it. I think it's basically an act of war in response to the West's aggressive moves against Russia (not just Putin, but as a whole). Hence Putin needs to take countermeasures, and a war puts everyone at risk. This should be taken as a warning that things between him and the west will escalate, and it's not getting better.

  6. So when you call information that's spread within a warring country a propaganda, it's wrong because it's NOT intended to be propaganda because, in a war, every side justifies their own actions. So I'm pretty sure it will escalate, and it's like people casually talks down on Putin, not knowing what is coming.

  7. Look up zelenksys same list, the Ukraine hit list that has reporters and regular US citizens on it, zelenskys massive propaganda lies and got into his position because the Obama administration interfered to the point no one could when against zelensky so the US govt can use him as their puppet. Oh, and look at all the senators kids and prez kids on their energy board. Youre a flaming liberal propagandist and very cringe


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