How Qatar Bought the World Cup

The REAL Reason Qatar is Hosting the World Cup
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We went deep to understand how Qatar won the bid to host the World Cup. What we found was a deep web of corruption and influence peddling. This video is our clearest explanation of how it all went down.

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Thank you to Dr. Paul Widdop and Bonita Mersiades for speaking to us for this video.

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Comment (29)

  1. No matter how western try to hide it, their bigotry shows. The host of the guys in blazer said this push back against Qatar is not racist because he would support Egypt if they host 😂 as if Egypt is champion of human rights with over 100k people imprisoned since 2013 and tens of thousands dead since then. As if Egypt is a beacon of lgbtq rights 😂
    The US hosted it in 1994 when they didn’t even have a professional league at he time 🤷‍♂️
    How dare this “tiny” country sits in the largest natural gas reserve and be rich

  2. I want to see fifa out of the Europe and America.. I think Middle East is the right choice. If they want to spend money it’s their choice why the fuck people are so concerned.

  3. Johnny Harris must understand few things.

    Money speaks, But here Qatar isn't harming people or innocent civilians like his country (USA) has done to other countries throughout their history.

    People from across the world 🌎 have been benefited from this fifa event especially from the Indian subcontinent and other third world countries who got jobs in Qatar and feeding their families in their own countries( just like me)

    We are thankful to Qatar 🇶🇦

  4. Kind of obvious Qatar bribed soccer officials. NCAA, FIFA they are all shady. Usually the highest bidder wins. What do you expect from oil rich country flush with money wanting world attention and greedy soccer officials. Have fun playing soccer in the desert heat.


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