How Qatar Won the War in Ukraine

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Comment (39)

  1. Sure as a SHORT TERM solution it works but maybe just maybe the EU could stop being a technological dead end and try innovating in alternative cleaner energy resources instead of always being dependent on authoritarian regimes.

    Horrible allies tbh

  2. Huge money for qatar or huge problems to come since we’re talking about the west. Like usual.
    The happiest countries are the ones who don’t mess with europe or the states.
    All europe had to do was complain about the world cup.. that’s a taste of what it’s like dealing with these creatures.

  3. Why do Germany decide to F over Europe again and again?! First WW2, then EU (too much power), then closing of nuclear power plants, followed by inviting Russia 🤦🤦 and now inviting Qatar, another dictatorship, to gain even more power over us?!

  4. I can't wait for germany to get dependent on a gas supplier again and shutting down the nuclear reactors next year. Learning from mistakes is for loosers right? right?…

  5. Wait till you work out how syrian war is connected…syria said no pipeline and extremist support.
    Blame multicultural n diverse and religious tolerance Syria Russian .


  6. I really hate how Europe is now relying on Qatar for fossil fuels. This could have been the great time to understand that we need to abandon fossils due to terrible countries having all of the supply.
    But now, let's look to the next shitty country for our oil.

  7. Lol, Qatar only grant contract to long term energy buyer. just like China acquire 27 years long deal from them.

    The only problem was Qatar dont want to sell to EU as easily. You see, Europe has those Green energy things, and Qatar is oil Seller want to secure their Future profit. so they forcing EU to sign Decades long deal, if they want Qatar Energy. No one night stand but long term relation.

    If EU sign deal with Qatar, Those Green energy agenda will get pushed back for decades until the contract is concluded


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