How the Diesel Engine Powered Submarines

This is a clip from “Submarines Are WAY Scarier Than You Think…Here’s Why”:

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  1. Pet peeve: science teacher here, they don't make energy, they convert chemical energy into thermal and mechanical energy by burning the fuel. If you had a very long pipe that could somehow pump out this exhaust, maybe even two pipes so that the extra air could come in, then we might have a way to do this in a semi sneaky manner… But I'm sure you guys already know that if you watch the rest of the video.

  2. They had solved it beforehand. What war taught them were the pitfalls of the snorkel and whether or not the enemy could find them. Spoiler – yes – subs can be seen below the surface by an aircraft and once we closed the mid Atlantic gap by not at all asking Portugal for use of the Azores, the subs didn’t do so hot.


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