How the Mongols Lived in the Steppe

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the nomadic civilizations continues and the history of the Mongols continue with an episode describing the daily life of the Mongol tribes in the Steppes and how it played a role in their culture, society, military, and the empire under Genghis khan.

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White Huns:
Turkification of Anatolia:
Mongol History:

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The video was made by Matheus Américo, while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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  1. おい、PDFフィルが出てないぞ。元のオゴタイの頃、PDFと馬でモンゴルは帝国の基礎を築いたんだよ。

  2. Hello, I am collection Songs from your Channel with all Variants if it does has. May you Kindly tell me what is the song at 6:45? Thanks in Advance 🙂

  3. There were so many female warriors in Mongolia, who were taking care of the homeland while the Khans were away fighting. Please tell their stories in your next videos. Thanks.

  4. Perhaps one of the most remarkable steppe nations ever to exist?!
    Correction: It is objectively THE most remarkable steppe nations ever to exist, and PERHAPS one of the most remarkable nations to ever exist anywhere on the planet.
    I don't understand why people add subjectivities to what are supposed to be objective statements.

  5. I'm kazakh from turkic-mongolic Konyrat confederation, from sangyl clan. My ancestors was among the armies which invaded Khoresm and get lands for our merit.

  6. Please make more of these kinds of videos! The daily life of commoners in different eras and areas is fascinating!

  7. Not many people know but Mongolian society was very diverse. The climate and environment largely influenced their economic activities, in the steppe region Mongols were solely nomadic, close to big lakes(Baigal, Khuvsgul) they were fishermen, in the northern areas of Bargudjin and Dauria they were sedentary farmers, in forestry taiga they were hunters, in the regions rich for coal or ore they were blacksmiths. ChingisKhan himself was from half forested steppe region and during the young age with his brothers hunted for food in the forests. And latter practiced driven hunt with his soldiers for food and combat practice

  8. Tartarus isn't a Judeo-Christian concept.

    It comes from Greek word Tartaria, from Tartary which was the name of Asia by European tribes. An unknown, dangerous land where Tatars with slanted eyes inhabited.

    That's why the word Tartarus (underworld) is understood as a pejorative aim as to be referred to a place where frightening creatures dwell.


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