How the Rus Became Christian – Vladimir the Great DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals’ historical animated documentary series on the history of Kievan Rus continues with an episode on the reign of Vladimir the Great. This video will cover how he came to power, alliances with the Vikings, wars with Byzantium and the Turks, and most importantly Christianization of Rus that happened during his time.

Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus:
Early Rus Conquests: Viking Princes in Eastern Rome:

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The video was made by our friend Michael Merc while the script was researched and written by Leo Stone. The art for the project was created by Oleg Seleznev (

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (46)

  1. Man, that mass baptism must've been quite the ordeal lol. I had heard a little bit about Vladimir before this video, but I learned a lot here. Thank you!
    Stay well out there everybody, and God bless you friends! 🙂

  2. Cool video, but one thing bugs me. Its not even just you guys, everyone seems to think its tzarina, which is not the case – tzar is pronounced Tsar' and the feminitive of that is Tsar'itsa, or Царь and Царица

  3. This have very little to do with Russian (Muscovy)history… more Ukrainian (Kyiv)tribes and lands…Rus-people (Ukrainians) are Slavic/Vikings mix (Russians) are Finnic/Golden Horde..that fought Kyiv!

  4. @kings and generals, I watch your videos with interest, but you did a fundamental mistake on this one. Bulgarians are not turkic and have never spoken turkick language. We spoke old Bulgarian language, which was later called slavic. The Cyrillic alphabet was based on our language and not vice versa. It even sounds illogical; why on earth the Bulgar ruling kind will adopt a foreign language and order a scholar St. Clement to invent a foreign language alphabet for it, that's shear nonsense. If we wanted a foreign alphabet and language, we could have picked up the Greek or Latin

  5. How can you support this full of lie and propaganda version of history?! There is one true – nowdays "Russia" is just a follower of despotic Muscovy (also called "Afforest") that later was just a vassal of Golden horde and has very few relativism to Rus'. Major ancestor of Rus' are Ukraine and Belarus', while Muscovy had stolen name "Rus" in early XVIII, remaking it on greek manner (Russia) because of a complex of inferiority and shaming it's actual fino-ugric and turkic origin.

  6. Imagine how alien things might be if the Rus had adopted Catholicism or even Islam as a faith. The former would see more ties with the west and removes the big barrier that stopped Russia joining the P-L Commonwealth, and the latter would result in a bizarre synthesis, as Russian Islam would probably end up being distinct from its Middle Eastern counterpart.

  7. It was swedish vikings that help Vladimir, not Norwegians.

    Vladimir was chased by his brother Jaropolk and forced to flee to Sweden. With support from here, he is said to have returned and defeated his brother and taken power back.

  8. Please Research why do kings or kingdom wanted his subject to have a religion.
    What is the relation ship between rule and faith.
    Now a days people are educated hence civilised they dont believe in religion ( mostly are atheists in practice )

  9. This is so sick. The Swedish government, woman and lobby-groups wants to have all with Viking-ancestory annihaleted. There is an agenda in Sweden to eradicate Swedes and dont let them pass their genes. Its a full out war in Sweden to annihalete all Viking heritage and Viking genes by a Anti-Swede Communist agenda to destroy Sweden totally. There shall not exist any Viki g-ancestors and they shall have no children but replaced with people whom hates us. They hates us and want to annihalate us like the Jews.They hate us all, Ukrainian, Swedes, Norwegian, Danish and all of us. They hate us all. Shall we allow it???

  10. what an coincidence, that it's Vladimir, who drove by conquering the Rus. Vladimir translates something like: WorldRuler. And now we have another Vladi, who is driven by conquering lands……

  11. Something important to know, for all who are interested in history and/or support Ukraine:

    Rus’ ought not to be confused with “Russia”, which derives its name from the Rus’ but historically is a completely different state, which almost all its existence was at war with the Rus’.

    Just like the Holy Roman Empire was actually Germany, Russia is actually Muscovy, despite their best attempts to convince everybody otherwise.

    Its name “Russia" received only in 1721, when Peter I passed a decree to change Tsardom of Muscovy’s name into the “Russian” Empire (“Russia” originates from Rosia, name used by the Greek Orthodox Clergy in regards to Kyivan Rus')
    Under the reign of Cathrine II Muscovites where even punished for continuing to identify as Muscovites, and were forced to call themselves “Russian”.

    Lands that “Russia” claims were part of the original Rus’, but actually weren't, are Novgorod, Suzdal, and Ryazan, since in historical texts of XI-XII centuries they are mentioned as separate entities from Rus’. They can be considered parts of extended Rus’, although their culture was distinct from main Rus’.

    In 1493 Moscow prince Ivan III appointed himself to be the Great Ruler of All Rus’. No other kings acknowledged that. From that point on Muscovy started to make false claims on Rus’ ownership.

    “Russia” is an offshoot of Ukraine and not the other way round, despite what Soviet and “Russian” historians have been trying to say for years. Kiev was a developed cultured capital when Moscow was just another swamp village.

    Germany used to call itself the Holy Roman Empire, that didn’t mean they became the Romans, and all of a sudden had a right to claim whole of Italy and its history, but yet, that’s exactly what “Russia” did in regards to Rus’-Ukraine, which is a horrible injustice!

  12. Rus always seek for rejoice and following their ego not for improving the oneself, but Monks have deceitful ways to persuade barbarians by lies even on expense of the principles of Christianity, as I know eating pork and drinking wines are prohibited as well in Islam


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