How the U.S. Stole an Island

The remote, militarized island that the US secretly stole
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  1. I hope this video was informative for you! Let me clarify one thing: the video implies that people were tortured on Diego Garcia. There is firm evidence that the island was indeed used to transit suspects after 9/11, and that interrogation occurred. And torture was certainly a wide spread practice in these sorts of extrajudicial renditions. However, there is not firm evidence that suspects were actually tortured at Diego Garcia. I realize that, even though I never assert it, I do imply it, which could be misleading. read more here:

  2. Seems this guy figured out life is unfair. There are a million of these might makes right stories in history. If the U.S. didn't try to bring order to the world then what would the world look like? I am guessing that China would put you in a gulag for criticizing them.

  3. Worked on DG for 6 months this year, it’s a great place and I would go back for another 6 months if asked. Currently over 400 million dollars (that I know of could be much more) are currently being spent from upgrading the water tank, chapel, and various other military activities – so I’m here to tell you that the US will NEVER give this island up no matter what.

  4. The people living there weren't native to the island, when the island was discovered by Europeans it was uninhabited, the people were originally brought as slaves. So no, those people weren't indigenous.

  5. Thank you for making this video. I am from Mauritius. The question that I have always thought is why the US just not make a new deal with Mauritius instead of the UK?

  6. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you made a video about this. This has remained a secret for too long and people needs to know what happened to my country at Independence(which was incomplete)and more importantly what happened to my people in Chagos. They needed one atoll but removed all the islanders from the whole archipelagos. They never viewed them as people and their words in the documents clearly show that. I hope that one day my feet will touch the ground of those islands before i die(free from occupation and repopulated with the original inhabitants)

  7. I was deployed there. The more I learn about our history the more disgusted I am that I served this nation for 20 years

  8. I heard about this place from a Military contractor I had a conversation with while working. After looking it up a few days after, I’ve been into the unique situation that is Diego Garcia.

  9. does anyone know if its possible to find these cia documents online im working on a project on this subject


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