How the U.S. Stole Mexico

The Story of how the US/Mexico border got its shape.

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Big Thank you to Wikipedia user Golbez for painstakingly mapping every territorial change in the USA’s history.

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Comment (28)

  1. So, talk about the "guerra de la triple alianza" between the republic of Paraguay and the coalition made by Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay. The biggest genocide of the 20th century

  2. Love this video because folks out there just don't know their history. Being a CHICANO ( AMERICAN of Mexican descent) it really speaks Volumes to me and to the world. I'm proud of my ancestry and a patriot to my country however, it's just sad how one greedy individual felt he had to GRIME his way by utilizing his power and authority to STEAL what wasn't his to begin with in order to forge what we know now as the sea to shining sea great nation of the UNITED STATES herself.

  3. I'm not a American, and don't get me rown I'm not going against the history. But I saw in the law of U.S. if Californians, and the people in the other states taken from Mexico wants to go back or independents from U.S. they got the right to do it, but what's really happening is more and more Mexicans crossing the border wishing to become the U.S. citizen, and isn't the wall built to prevent drugs from Mexico.

  4. Well clearly the Mexicans want to come to America so
    Ok I watched the video
    Blame James Polk also abe Lincoln killed civilian and arrested people for showing niceness to the south also know nothing people do is 100% bad thay thought thay were doing a good thing on top of that people are crossing the Border illegally bringing ideas of not liking America so yeeeeeee hhaaaaaahhh
    btw I'm half native American Apache

  5. America and mexico faught for the land after we offered a huge lumpsum. We conquered mexico city and still gave it back to them and paid them millions. Annoying video.

  6. Countries have invaded each other and took land forever. It wasn’t until nukes were made that people suddenly overwhelmingly do not want war. I mean no one likes war anyway, it’s just a means to an end. Now natives.. that’s an astonishingly more complicated issue.

  7. This is also why there are so many border cities in Mexico. Partly because some were split after the war (Laredo-Nuevo Laredo, or Juarez-El Paso), but also because it was the only way to ensure the U.S. wouldn't steal any more land, by putting a lot more people right up to the border.

  8. The natives had been killing each other over land long before settlers arrived. They burned enemy tribes in fires, sold them as slaves, and sometimes ate them. Spain conquered Mexico and bred the native women there. That is why they speak Spanish over there today. Cortez and his men pounded em.

  9. As a young kid, I always heard my grandmother saying how Texas used to be part of Mexico. I didn't know what that meant, my brain couldn't fully understand the concept of states, let alone countries.

    Then I moved to the US when I was about to enter middle school. Then one day, my history teacher asked the class if we had any questions. With my broken English, I took the opportunity to ask him if it was true that Texas used to belong to Mexico. My history teacher HAD TO USE GOOGLE to ANSWER MY QUESTION! He then told me that Mexico sold Texas to the US and I just kind of took his word for it.

    It wasn't until I had graduated high school that I began to search on my own about the topic out of curiosity. . . That day, a lot of things suddenly made sense to me!

    No wonder why the government doesn't want its citizens to know what lead to the annexation of Texas into the US. It's quite hypocritical for the US to be complaining about Chinese censorship when they also practice censorship.


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