How the UN Failed to Stop a Genocide in Bosnia

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Johnny Harris is an Emmy-winning independent journalist and contributor to the New York Times. Based in Washington, DC, Harris reports on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe, publishing to his audience of over 3.5 million on Youtube. Harris produced and hosted the twice Emmy-nominated series Borders for Vox Media. His visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways.

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Comment (39)

  1. UN is a just a fucking joke to humanity…. they never succeeded to stop any conflicts… either one side just kill everyone from other race or just keep then supplying weapons to keep the conflict alive

  2. Wow! The whole video is "scientific knowledge" from the 90s American textbooks and Wikipedia injected with identity politics. But I can't blame you Johnny, you just want clicks and views so you can get money and for that you are pandering to your woke western audience.

  3. Excellent video but the mix is bad. The dialogue is completely overpowered by the score at times. Especially towards the end as the piano plays. It may sound good on mobile, but on a 2.1 system in a living room the listening experience is poor.

  4. this might be a dumb question; but What made the croats (catholic) side with the bosniaks (muslims)?
    I can see the Serbs (christians) fighting the Bosniaks (muslims) because they have major religious differences(and like the video said they even did for a little bit), but why did the catholics croats and orthodox serbs not get along?

  5. What a shameless, dishonest take on war in Bosnia and ex-yu. Full of lies and mindbogling one sided spin. No mention of ethnic cleansing of the entire Serbian population in Oluja in Croatia, no mention of the ustashe crimes. Milosevic was never convicted of anything, he died during the trial, moreover it was never expected for him to be convicted of genocide, which was widely acknowledged by everyone in the western media. Yet one might get a completely different impression from this shameless hit piece on the Serbs. Harris managed to overdo the worst of demonization of the Serbs in western media during the 90s. Of all the youtube videos about war in Bosnia and ex yu, this is by far the most dishonest and one sided. He managed to one up the worst of anti-Serbian propaganda by the Muslim and Croatian sides, taking all their talking points and then amplifying with his own lies. Srebrenica did not have unarmed population, in fact they had Oric armed units that killed thousands of Serbs over the years, and that fled Srebrenica throug the woods – this much everyone acknowledges, yet Haris completely denies it. Disgusting racst piece. Haris does not dare to make nothing like this in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, but Serbs are again a fee game for dehumanization. A million Serbs died in genocide in NDH during Holocaust, in concentration camps like Jasenovac and across Croatia during Holocaust, just like Jews did in the hands of nazis – he would not dare to bash Jews yet his anti-Serbian video is on the level of lies no Arab antisemite would even think to descent to. This is full Goebels mode spin by this despicable hipster distortionsit.

  6. One has to be either completely braindead or a genocider to believe that Bosnians, Croats and Serbs all did wrong things in this war, both Serbs and Croats tried their best to wipe out the entire Bosnian nation from the face of planet just because they were Muslims. If I was living in such place, I would be armed to the teeth and to the nails and to the hair, most Serbs are nationalist fascists believing on ethnic cleansing of Bosnians. It is just a matter of time before Serbs will come back to finish the job which they started in 1993 with the help and support of all Croats. Hope Bosnians will be better prepared this time and will take some old revenge also for the genocide of their ancestors!

  7. Thanks for reminding me about my nebula subscription! Heading there to watch Antarctica video right now. How about the English and French taking over north america?

  8. Johnny, thanks for making this video. You did an amazing job showcasing the main structure of this war. Even though you can't cover the whole story in much depth, at least some people will learn more about it. This topic is very sensitive to us Bosniaks, so much so that we don't really know much about it, and we should, especially because this ethnic cleansing was not the first to happen, and we need to make sure it's the last one!

  9. Hi Johnny Harris. I’m long term lover of your video, and since you offered, I was wondering if you could do a video on the South African Apartheid regime and it’s take over of Namibia.

    Okay bye 👋🏾

  10. What's incredible is that the we all watched the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, and we all marveled at how beautiful this city and country was, and then less than a decade later, much of it lay in ruins because of this war. It was unthinkable in 1984.

  11. First of all Tito was half Croat half Slovenian, majority of Yugoslav politicians were not Serbs, majority of top positions were not taken by Serbs, JNA-Yugoslav Peoples Army had mandatory service and was consisted of all nationalities mixed deployed throughout the country. 9:40 I suggest a documentary (Srebrenica A town betrayed) where both Serbs and Bosnian leaders and soldiers talked about it. Srebrenica was used as a base from witch attacks were launched on Serbian villages and over 2000 Serbian civilians were killed so that prompted an attack. Weapons that were handed over were old and broken while Bosniaks kept all of their good weapons and NATO additionally air dropped weapon in 1994. Attack was known and anticipated by Bosnian leadership as a reprisal for killings done by the Bosnians and were agreed as a necessary sacrifice to assure NATO air support. When attack happened Bosnian soldiers and civilians tried to break through to the Bosnian area and many of them were killed in the confusion. Sadly today Srebrenica is only known as Bosniak tragedy while Serbian victims are completely excluded.

  12. This is some of the kindest looks at the serbs role in the war I've ever seen. I think if the serbs schools taught this they would be in such a better place.

  13. this mofo went about debunking crap, but stays a slave of sponsors like any other news outlets.
    first skill share, now nebula, all yall mofos is recommending scams to us.

  14. (Working from memory): the US funded Muslim mercenaries used in Afghanistan (the Mujahedin/Mujahideen) were Rebranded as Muslim Foreign fighters and used in Bosnia, before being rebranded yet again as Al Qaeda and sent to Iraq, Libya as Muslim Terrorist/freedom fighters, then to Syria as Al Nusra, SDF, etc The Yugoslav war was (like most wars), engineered, covertly, this was a US operation to destroy a strong ally of the old soviet Union, after Dictator Tito died. Lots of bad stuff was going on in this war, organ harvesting from refugees and wounded soldiers, Corrupt dealings between the leaders of all sides, in Banking & money laundering, (unfortunately can't remember the specifics).


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