How to gain Inner Peace and Shalom through warfare

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  1. Thank you. This is what I needed! So glad to know Yah is training me to fight spiritually because something just don’t make sense that I have to go through but now I understand. Thanking Yah for his training!

  2. Todah YAh ! In the beginning of this wonderful journey I had this inner peace that I had never experienced. Any problems I encountered, I would simply pray and instantly knew everything would be ok. At that time I turned my back on my life and engrossed myself with yah. After a while I started turning back to my old self and lost the gift of inner peace. I’m now fighting to get back there and have better understanding on how the enemy wants to take it away. I know I’m nothing without yah & their is no other way than Yahusha Hamashiach ! I thank Yah for his love(even if it hurts lol ) mercy,grace & faithfulness and the list never ends. I thank yah for this family who brings me closer in a way that no pastor ever did.

  3. Thank you brother and sister for this lesson may yah continue to bless you and your family. I for one am tired mentally of our people going back and forth bickering with one another bottom line we’re all tired and we as people need to get off our butts and do what is required of us from the most high and seek him with all of our hearts. So that we can return to our home and reclaim what’s rightfully ours I’m tired my people are tired we all are tired physically and mentally and I for one am ready to go home. This is not our land we need to put our pride aside and do what is asked of us . Shalom family I love and I pray for our people.

  4. Sir please help with this bible verse in Galatians 2:20-21…lot's of friend holds on it and destroy the law…please I want to know more on how to reply these Verses..Cause I found it difficult accepting most Paul teaching,when it was clear he kept the laws.

  5. Paul had that same peace on the ship also. Perhaps he had heard the story of the Messiah. This will remind us also. Todah

  6. Thank you. I love what The Most High is brining through you to talk to His people.
    This word you brought today is exactly where I am.
    Please pray for me.

  7. Do you mean Welfare instead of Warfare? What’s up with the intro choir? Take a day off of YouTube and get your choir right. Why you gonna sing to the Lord all sour though?

  8. Ephesians 6: 12 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, the rulers of the darkness, of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Not a matter of race wars and such, but our fight is against Satan and his angels. Not white people. The reasons we are so oppressed is because we are Satan's enemies, next to real Jews. Jesus died for the world. Not just blacks. When Jesus come back, your not gonna see a black man. Your gonna see a God in his glory, eyes of fire in a vesture dipped in blood. To save those who obeyed him, and destroy those who don't. Don't get caught up in the pride of your skin, cause that was the same thing that Satan how when he was cast out from heaven. God hates the proud. Repent brothers and sister. Trust God's words to be true. John 3:16. God loved the world not one particular set of people. But the world.

  9. I love your teachings. Thank you a lot , the Father Yahuah has blessed me with your teachings. But in all honestly I am furious at my own family who chooses to go against the Most High and continues to use scriptures to their own destruction for them to be lawless before Yahusha. I know they are not in the truth, since to be against the Torah, and not keep it, they dont walk in truth but in error, and are wicked in his eyes.

  10. Please talk about this situation with the beautiful woman who lost her life and children due to income tax😭😢

  11. I've read the Testament of Solomon. It was a good read and it gave some great insight into how Solomon fell. What a tragedy!

  12. Halleluyah! Thank you man and woman of Yah!…this word is so powerful and right! on time for me! I praise The Most High for you both and your faith and teaching!! may Elohim bless your ministry and I pray that others will come to the truth of who we are.

  13. everything i woke up too, this message just made everything clear….PRAISE YAH!!!!!!! thank you for bringing the message so strong the power is real

  14. I’ve been saying my prayers in Hebrew passionately lately and literally every night I dream heavily. All kinds of scenes and messages. I had a terrible one last night and felt like a evil spirit was on me. I awoke so shook that the ice machine downstairs making noise had me paranoid lol. But clearly it was something evil. So thank you for this info and yes the mediation music is very helpful !! And I don’t do yoga anymore or with that kind of intent. I meditate, sitting Indian style, and simply think about his word or nothing to clear my mind. VERYYYYY HELPFUL. I recommend doing it once in the morning and once in the evening. thanks family!!💪🏾🙏🏾

  15. Love this lesson! So true…we must have peace with Yahweh/Yahuah to have true solitude and harmony. I truly believe that demons attack you more when you began to lean toward lawful righteousness. (Not self righteousness…Our Elohim's righteousness, to be correct.) But, with the help of faith in him (God), satan's advocates will never have the victory! Fight fight fight!😇😇💪💪💪

  16. I had to come back to this lesson it is very powerful to me because we have been going through some things and i had to remind myself it is not the people but its the spirit that is around and in them that i am fighting against thank you father yah for your people who delivered this message bless them and keep them in peace and let the blessings for them over flow halleluyah

  17. Inner peace from Yah is such a beautiful blessing family. Much more valuable than money, materials etc. I myself have gone through some spiritual warfare battles but through it all Yah blessed me with inner peace. I'm just so humble, thankful & grateful for Yah's spiritual blessings. So beautiful. Praying for us all family. Be encouraged as we continue to work on being obedient to Yah an strong in the faith. Endure family, please endure till the end.

  18. I bet you Goliath was using the same words that they use on us today…as it was with Goliath, so it shall be for enemies of Yah.


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