How to strengthen your relationship with the Most High Yah

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  1. One thing I have to say, during the flood all my scriptures was balancing on my bed head and none of them fell or got wet. HalleluYah, I was so worried but Yah saved them. It was a miracle. I lost so much but none of my scriptures or history books never got touched except my Jerusalem book. 🙏🏽

  2. Shalom family our rock our shepherd our father tells us if I had not shorten my coming ungodly men will destroy the world, as this pandemic with their vaccines the lord knows their plans for centuries

  3. Did Yahshua charge for the word? Did he exclude people unless they JOIN?
    referring to Jezabel has daughters. I could be wrong about the title.
    Will you be blessed and make it into the kingdom or will Yah say you were already paid on Earth?

  4. I used to practice witchcraft. I repented and gave it all up for Yah. I regret nothing. I shall stray never again. Ever! I haven’t looked back since. My life has been filled with so much light and shalom ever since. It is an actual legitimate fear of mines breaking my promise to Yahua.

    When you start developing a relationship with Yah, you begin to “change”. My personality has changed. People say I’m happier, more charming, and fun to be around. This is just my testament to the glory of Yah.

    I feel like I’m going through some type of spiritual purification.


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