How was Indonesia colonized by the Dutch?

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How did The Netherlands colonize Indonesia?
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Comment (39)

  1. This narration disregards the violence and brutality towards local islanders.

    Remind us once again how they got their authority to set anything there and how they maintained it? This video needs fair justification.

  2. Honestly, studying this time of colonialization really pissed me off, seeing the pictures of how Dutch treated Indonesian that time. Colonialization should never be existed! No nation has the justification nor right to treat a nation unequally!

  3. My people was colonized for 400 years, we fought and grew up stronger, and now I, and most other asians, have to suffer the whining and violence of other ex colonized people, because of my white passing due to my mixed origins. Don't be surprised if I side with the ex colonizers, id rather join the Dutch or French and British than you. Why would I want the space I earned now be transformed into South Africa or Syria.

  4. Implemented do not accept international students, students with this Indonesian archipelago because the past has unstable risks that is the rise of terrorism today, ending the queen's study abroad program Netherlands. indonesia that is the birthplace of political parties that are a source of insecurity for today's society. The Netherlands must be responsible for removing these islands, stopping aid to this area, they are considered a breeding ground for radical Islamic terrorism globally because of their favorable location.there must be a way to sink this archipelago into the deep sea, the demons must return to the hell of fire forever… create great floods, powerful earthquakes even lead meteor showers to this area instead of having to destroy them in space. Originally they were in the deep sea before the moon left the earth, take the meteorites to make up for the wormhole in the pacific ocean, including pulling the moon back to earth.

  5. Indonesia was not colonised by the Dutch as the entire Kingdom was under my rule. The Dutch where poor peoples when I instructed them to make roads and lay train tracks for Indonesia. My entire royal Family Lineage of My Singhala and Mahajaphit Empire is the evidence and proof. 🤴🏽🕉🔺➕

  6. 350 years of colonization, 100 years part of Netherlands. Adding up the Y haplogroup R to 30 percents of Indonesian population also debts of East Netherlands ( Dutch East Indies government, now Indonesia, Since Republic Indonesia is literally a continuation of Dutch East Indies ) 130 billions US dollars. Indonesia literally paid it until 2004. Many people in the Netherlands thought it greedy of the Netherlands to ask for money after what they had done. This was not related to that damage however, but to the possessions of private people.

  7. I just don't understand why my country can be colonized for 350 years, do they live in harmony with the population while colonizing or what, because it's a little strange if it can last that long,

  8. You better read more historical book, don't look only from colonial view, must be fair to tell the truth. My suggestion is : 1. Check where is Cornelis de Houtman death and who is kill him. 2. Aceh is the first freedom country send 3(three) Ambassadors to Nederland although Nederland still under Spain's colony. What is mean of that ? 3. What is the base reason to say that Dutch occupation Indonesia in 350 years? Read the Aceh history, how long war period between Aceh and Dutch army, how much cost Dutch pay and how many General/high officer dead ? You could find the biggest war "Dutch army" grave yard in Banda Aceh.

  9. old story.. my ancestors almost once a week caught the Dutch off guard… burnt them alive.. or cut off their heads and sent packages to their forts….. the activity became a hobby like hunting wild animals.. and the Dutch were the most afraid of our family..

  10. Wealth and power, wealth and power, and war. over and over again. School and religion are jokes. It's not how the world works, I felt bad about what happened to me because I don't understand them because I have an old stupid principle, and see the world through that stupid religious mindset. Wealth and power, that's how people achieve everything, that's why they are fighting. It has nothing to do with good or bad, god or satan. that's bullshit!

  11. The fake history can't hidden forever, now Indonesian already know they never colonized except Jakarta city 😂
    We prepared independence in 1928 because of ottoman collapsed not related with dutch lol
    How can it said colonized when 70+ sultanate still exist until today 🤔
    Not european, southeast asian, chinese or indian usually claim something from Javanese, since we are the superior race maybe


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