How was The Kingdom of Great Britain Formed?

How was The Kingdom of Great Britain Formed?

Going all the way back to the 16th century, England and Scotland had been two entirely different governments under different monarchs, and in the case of Scotland, uniquely controlled in part by the Highland clan system. Furthermore, for centuries now the neighboring states had been at odds and on and off warfare, with the Scottish Wars of Independence being well remembered by both sides. But, when the Queen of England died heirless in 1603, a past of diplomatic marriages and childbearing set England and Scotland on an entirely new trajectory…

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  1. Hwg can't wait to see the Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid comments from so called Scots and English people with union jacks as their pfp's and their account name being something to do with empire or the military 👍

  2. Scotland got a great deal without a shot being fired they took over England, Wales, Ireland, parts of France and America what a worthy deal, there has only been Scottish Kings/Queens ever since 1603 even the Dutch had a Scottish Queen (Anne) on the throne in UK, I as an Englishman have never forgiven these Scots for kicking the English off the throne. Scotland still keeps England in its grasp just look at how much we pay the Scots and they are today 5.4m and we are 55m!!!

  3. What a weird way to describe the Glorious Revolution. Parliament didn't choose William. He forced them to make him king because he occupied their capital with his Dutch forces

  4. Radical change is needed, and soon, if the union is to survive much longer. Out of touch, London centric, right wing British nationalists aren't good for anyone who wants a bright future for their children in the United Kingdom

  5. Great Britain was established when England and Scotland united under one kingdom between 1706 and 1707 under the Acts of Union 1707. The Kingdom of Great Britain lasted until 1801, when it merged with the Kingdom of Ireland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland between 1800 and 1801 under the Acts of Union 1800.

    Also, Ireland is a separate island from Great Britain. You cannot consider it to be part of Great Britain, and it was also not part of the Kingdom of England. It was once under the control of the Anglo-Normans, a lordship known as the Lordship of Ireland, and then when it was a unified kingdom, it was once an English client state until 1707. And Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, it is part of the island of Ireland. The full name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  6. Great video, I cover this in my own video: "What if the Stuarts Never Ruled England? [1603-1714]"; check it out and leave your thoughts!

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  8. The modern independence efforts have been renewed by SNP Marxist ideologues deceiving many Scots through emotional propaganda while hiding their mere ambitions of power.

  9. James cv is too good 👍 shouldn’t u discuss the English conquest of Ireland 🇮🇪 too?
    Murdering McDonald’s …this is so burger 🍔 king 👑, n d instigator eats Campbell soup 🍜

  10. are you telling me that the union of England and Scotland started because Henry the VIII couldn't get a healthy male heir and their daughters refused to get laid ?


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