How we'll become cyborgs and extend human potential | Hugh Herr

Humans will soon have new bodies that forever blur the line between the natural and synthetic worlds, says bionics designer Hugh Herr. In an unforgettable talk, he details “NeuroEmbodied Design,” a methodology for creating cyborg function that he’s developing at the MIT Media Lab, and shows us a future where we’ve augmented our bodies in a way that will redefine human potential — and, maybe, turn us into superheroes. “During the twilight years of this century, I believe humans will be unrecognizable in morphology and dynamics from what we are today,” Herr says. “Humanity will take flight and soar.”

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  1. We should evolve our biological bodies

    Not replace them with metal and plastic

    If you get one of those "bionic" things into your body you will have to go to the repair shop for the rest of your life to maintain your artificial body

  2. THIS RIGHT HERE is a CROWING ACHIEVEMENT of human ingenuity and medicine. Well done! This is what we can do if we decide that we can be more and give more to create a BETTER human experience. So beyond proud of these wonderful men and women of Project Cyborg to help make peoples' lives better!

  3. I don't care what you guys say about what side the devil is on. All I want to know is what side YOU are on. The "natural" side or the "unnatural" side, because I'm pretty sure that a lot of you who believe this is "Satanic," that we shouldn't mess with the natural order, in reality hate nature. So be honest if the world was split in two which side would you be on: The flower, tree, loving "hippie" side, or the pro-technology anti-nature side. Both have been labelled as "Satanic" in the past, but deciding on one or the other is the true war that's occurring right now. Please be honest this time. Which side are you on? You clearly can't be on both.

  4. Ye right… by enhance he means replacing thousands of neural links in his legs with four bionic links, and that somehow can be an achievement/upgrade for non-amputated people? If he wants to feel better by considering artificial limbs to be his own, all the power to him, but don’t push it on other people.

  5. I would LOVE to be a cyborg…learn things faster, retrieve memories, and improve I/O ten fold…as a person with a learning disability and with ADHD and at 36(m) When it comes to tasks I'm inconsistent…so yeah can't wait for us humans to be enhanced.


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