How white people changed the Identity of biblical characters from black to white. Pure deception!

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  1. God gave me covanat to squirt brain fluids on the brain from the spine say i deny fear pain sickness disease all impurities plack from teeth heart leaves

  2. Your brain just turn back on disease its people who covet there playing mind games tell people there in pain or have head ache shut of part of the brain

  3. So say God is the air he turned my brain bothsides on core too if u need God leaving me Adam eve say blow air out your eardrums we both have bones for eardrums

  4. Look up perfect brain doctor he was bugging me about perfect brain i said its when you squirt brain fluids from brain you say perfect God

  5. Im yeshua im david u people you get men trying covet playing mind games fucking fighting tricked by judist say no it's a sin to covet me im Adam i can kill see out my eyes clap my hands there just bitchies im lord Adam

  6. People you can see out my eyes these people who tricked u seeing out your eyes judist because u was afraid or didn't know better

  7. I am in gold beach Oregon neska by ophar say i can be a watching man women see out my eyes

  8. Im the mustard Muhammad prophet said im the mustard Jesus Nazareth said he is the bread of life my brother too

  9. 900 A.D. black Christ came sign paper for kings even prophet Muhammad 1400s and menno Simmons signed papers for kings

  10. I do DNA testing it says im part every kind people even Roman i was mad Christ Child Adam this book written by greedy people not us

  11. God said tell people i can heal any thing squirt brain fluids from spine your brain open up flex work perfectly

  12. People have covanat with God the air we breathe God see know you people i heald muslims i didn't try convert sounds like conflict of interest

  13. People my whole life say heal me Jesus i know God is the air so i tricked them turn on there brain im tricked Chinese American cia because they fucking up these people

  14. They gave are family stroke Chinese 80s i made twins give them stroke mind game i was mad im Adam master of mind games

  15. Cia fools talk about 2 girls i heard them then i met one her mom she wishes me to meet her daughter then my mom said look girls playing football hu bye mom i find them both

  16. Beautiful and this is why Islam came to rectify the white lie and that's why They depict them as terrorist Even confirms that the pophets were black in the Quran Even confirms that the prophets were black in the Koran And we are supposed to respect everyone's culture

  17. The children of Israel are in Yemen and their black and that's why they are killing them please save the people of Yemen

  18. The children of Israel have converted for time to Islam since their religion was Hi jacked in their culture and language was stolen and they were inslaved by Christianity

  19. But The Europeans were never able to change the words in the Koran because Protected by God But there playing whith definitions

  20. Nobody knows what color He was. But it doesn't matter because we all were created by God. We all are Beautifully and Wonderfully made.

  21. The irony, in the statement "why does it matter what color He was" My response is and will always be, if Yashua's color doesn't matter, why was His image changed in the first place🤦
    Most of Us, if American, have been taught Religion and History from the 19th and 20th century European perspective, who's agenda was to perpetuate the myth of white supremacy 🙅
    History nor Religion was taught to Us from the perspective of Antiquity, You know "The Principal Surces"
    Now that We are able to access this information (that has always been available to Us, hidden in books most of Us have never or will ever read) and enlighten Ourselves with truth instead of falsehood, I guess makes some uncomfortable 🤷

  22. lol know one will ever know what is what if this was true it would not be on yt 5 years later it would of bin took down already


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