How YOU Can Prevent Another Lockdown!

Join Yohan and Mugdha in this live discussion on what small, independent business owners can do to prevent another lockdown from happening.

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Comment (36)

  1. mushkil toh yeh hai ki government job wale aur IT wale maje mein baithe hain kyunki unki ghar baithe kamai ho rahi hai aur unko samjhao toh jhagda karte hain.

  2. All Indian please research on Google …. Henry Kissinger 1974 genocide plan …. Aur pado ussmey USA ne duniya ki aabadi kam krney k kyaa plan banaya tha duniya k garibo ko khatam kharkey

  3. Pehle lockdown k din hi meney Apne dosto ko boldiyaa tha hamari bhartiya jantaa gyi chaar k bhaav mein … Kyuki me sabhi asliyat illuminati freemason families Ka plan h Jo duniya ko barbaad krnaa chahati h … RFID chip lagaao hamarey ghulaam banjaao ya goli khaao

  4. Ye log vaccine k zariye hamari nasley khatam krnaa chahtey h … Boley to Puri Tarah se nasss bandi ki jaayegi vaccination k zariye … Hamari aabadi aur humko khatam krney ki planning ho rahi h aur bewaqoof janta abhi tkkk so rahey h

  5. लोग अगर टि व्ही देखना बंद करे ,और पेपर पढना बंद करे तो करोना अपने आप भाग जाएगा ,ये सब डरका व्यापार है,

  6. Don't you think those who have gone for the vaccination they will feel themselves fooled and will be non cooperative and in cities their count is growing day by day

  7. You are absolutely right.There is no such pandemic situation it is only plandemic.I have no health issue without using any mask and sanitizer. Thanks alot and lots of love for your braveness.God bless you and protect you.


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