Huge farm in a tiny backyard

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Comment (22)

  1. My property is only 0.13 acres and I plan on planting wherever there is somewhere for me to plant. You don’t need a lot of space I bought a small piece of land just to build something small and to have a garden and raise quails Yah willing

  2. From senegal Esaama family and peace and blessings to you all>thank you for this amazing example of growing food in a tiney and limited space >also turning waste into diesel fuel brings this great little invention to mind created by one of us in Jamaica this invention if aloud would put an end to carbon dioxide emissions from diesel and petrol engines earth wide, sadly the inventer life is now in danger (THE HARLO MAYNE STORY) peace and blessings to you all family as we get ready to share the Sabbath with your family>shalom.

  3. Awesome testimony, brother Watchman.

    I started growing herbs in a pot in 2021. Last year, we built a raised bed garden and bought a few growing pots. We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plants, okra, parsley, basal, thyme, oregano, broccoli, etc. All on my back porch of an apartment. I recently moved and was sad because I don't have a back patio, and my apartment complex doesn't allow gardens. Yahuah, is good. I have been looking to buy a home with land for 3 years now and kept getting out bid. Right behind my complex, there is a community garden we were able to purchase 2 plots for $60 for the entire year. I am in trade school, and I was able to put my huge raised bed garden there, and we are starting a community garden. I prayed for this. I can see Yah hands in it all. He has blessed my efforts year by year. All praises and esteem to TMH Yah. He knows what we need, and if we stay faithful, he will bless us in his timing. Just do it. Halleluyah! Shabbat shalom.

  4. I'm laughing because I remember ya'll getting your quail. I ran out and got me some 😅 put mine in a dog run. Also your wife garden with the kids out there I was using totes and buckets 😅 you got to start somewhere yall.


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