Humanism and Transhumanism

With Natasha Vita-More, Rob Riemen, Kassem Eid, Leon Wieseltier and Miroslav Volf.

Nexus Conference 2018, ‘The Battle between Good and Evil’ in Amsterdam.

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  1. The undead. She looks like she is a true zombie where she died and she was brought back, but not by God. She will always and forever be a beast. Interesting that all the comments are bad about her despite the fact this is not a Christian channel per se.

  2. Vitamore: Vita means "life" in Latin, and more (well we know what that means in English) her name is "More Life". so "More Life is Forsaken (of God) because she used transhumanism technology to have eternal life when every believer in Messiah knows can not have without the death of Y'shua on the cross that puts you in right relationship with Elohim – God Almighty plural Eloah is singular, and "im" makes it plural in Hebrew.. That is her name. See what the word, "natash" means here:
    Strong's Hebrew: 5203. נָטַשׁ (natash) — to leave, forsake … › hebrew. Natasha the female word for the same. Icabod: God has left (forsaken).

  3. Oh, she had to make it known that she helps people and is a good person, despite the fact she is a demonic entity. Now, why did she feel the need to have to do that? Because she is really a demonic entity? Whomever she is talking about (her childhood) is not her own; Maybe it's the person who died and was resurrected, but it doesn't mean the original human was evil. The product is evil. However, if the person was a child of God and was made to be in right relationship with Elohim (god, plural) through His Son, Y'shua HaMashiach, her body wouldn't have been violated with Crisper 9 technology, but I'm not 100% sure on that. The scary part of Crisper 9 is that is so cheap to buy, that virtually ANYONE who wants to become a scientist in his/her own kitchen can change their DNA. They're pushing this technology. There is a race going on, and it's the human race, interesting that it's called the Human RACE, it literally IS A RACE, and those made in the Image of God win over those made in the Image of the Beast. The Reptilians, the Vampires and other classes of fallen angels are the Image of the Beast. They have to win. So I believe God and the devil are in a race (although God prophesies the end from the beginning, and He already knows He wins), and His creation (Adam) must win the race as well, or all bets are off in the High Courts of the Heavenlies, I believe.

  4. at 9:11 she looks away. If this is Y'shuas birth date like some are saying, she does not want to recognize it since He defeated her race of reptilians. I wanted to see what took place at 11:11, because for two years I have been seeing this number everywhere and in all kinds of ways. Talking about, "what are our human limits" He speaks about limits. That was interesting for me as well. I guess the race is tightening, and the devil is almost winning, and if we transgress the limits put upon us by God, there is a great price to pay. At the same time the presidential race is seeing a steal on behalf of Leftists, (those who follow the left-hand path instead of the right way which is with Y'shua the Messiah. That's what I believe about Liberals – the Democrats. if we don't pray with everything we've got, President Trump will be defeated. Even though Biden has been inauguerated, God does not work on man's timeline. There is still time,. Those who follow the left-hand path are trying to hold on to their stolen election. That's what I believe about Liberals.

  5. Why so much irrational hate in this comment thread? Natasha isn't saying anything wrong. If you like life, then you might want heroic measures to significantly extend it for the very same reason you want to wake up tomorrow morning. There isn't anything wrong with that.

  6. Any woman who employs manmade bio-modification for the purposes of birth control is not a biological female but trans-human. They are already amongst us.


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