Humans Merge with Machines at Global Future 2045 Congress

Will humans ever conquer death and achieve immortality? That’s the goal of the Global Future 2045 Congress, which brings together a mix of roboticists, neurologists, genome researchers, and engineers to map out the entirety of human consciousness! Annie attended the congress to talk to the speakers and check out the androids and robotics on display.

Would you choose to live forever if you could? Let us know in the comments!

Dmitry Itskov:
Philosophy of Mortality:
Advanced Prosthetics:

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  1. i believe i have a soul and that soul will go on to heaven when i die but as long as apart of my human form live such as my brain my soul will remain atached too this earth.

  2. another cool thing you can make your body look different form your original if your old you probably would want to look younger and in some rare case you could chose to look like the oppisite sex

  3. Awe yes…. I could see how being a robot would be so much more liberating than being a free thinking human. I hope Dorothy will stop by and oil my knees for me so I  can eventually go see the Wizard to get my heart  back one day.  What a wonderful way to spend billions of dollars when there are actual REAL starving humans on the planet.  I just love uber rich people…they have nothing else better to do with their money than try to create a way to bypass the judgment of Christ.

  4. This is the most illogical crap I have ever witnessed in my life.. that this billionaire is going to create immortality and take all of us with him? Death is a part of life that absolutely no one can escape. No matter if they put your brain into an android, cyborg, robot, that object is not you!! It doesn't have the main component of all living things…. It doesn't have a soul..    

  5. I think humans shoud escape death. Death on the human body itself is harsh in nature. If we dont do anything about it now we will be faceing upon billions of deaths making the death industry Sky rocket more then just billions of dollors. Stephen Hawking said that this is possible to. Would it be great for your loved ones to live forever or to go and visted other worlds one day. I say we just live to see because I live by the saying that (a day is a week, week is month, month is year, year is 12 years) To stap death in the back one day and make funneral homes go out of bussness is a dream to that will happen.

  6. that immortal technology would only be available for the richest most elite people.. if we all could live forever there would be no point in creating new life and so would be the end of our species… This whole 2045 seems part of a lucifer agenda if you ask me

  7. You don't get to live forever… It's just another you that thinks, acts,and looks like you.. If this succeds, you will die and another robot of you will live.. Not you. Another you.

  8. They going to borg you up whether you like it or not and then can imprint a hive mind into your brain making you a drone. Technological possession by the lucuferian elite


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