Humility and Repentance goes hand in hand

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  1. I have seen you all live out your faith time and time under various attacks…you all show grace and spiritual maturity…It is the FRUIT that i look at…

  2. bless yall it seems like the problems im having currently in my life you guys make a video that helps and explain to me what im going through it's like hand and hand its seems like it's yah doing this PRAISE YAH
    halleluyah keep doing what yall doing

  3. Your fruit speaks for itself!! The blessings of Yah is evident upon the two of you and your children!!! Know that your blessed and know that with blessings comes hate, jealousy & envy! I dont think there is a way around it. Altgough I hate to see your family going through this…I know Yah knows how to work it out and provide peace while doing so!
    We love you all

  4. 💜 We🌷Know 😚 Your 💙 Spirits 💯 Even Walking In Truth & In Spirit Mistakes Will Be Made 💛

    But To Deliberately Take Part Against Another Is Unacceptable According To Yah.

    By The Way, The Two Videos done by your friend Y was removed on yesterday 6/12 of those 2 unappreciated attackers K&Z. Your friend Y in Cincinnati should be remorseful & ashamed of his participation.

    I feel Yah brought you both in my life not only to learn but also To Love You Unconditionally.

    I felt both your emotions, especially my brother and it sadden me and pissed off the lioness in me on yesterday.

    Your vibes I felt interference in a few of your videos, now we know why, I earnestly feel within you both are my spiritual brother & sister sent from Yah & Yahusha and I Adore Your Unconditional Love To Others & Your Family 💙 Todah.

    💜 Shalom 💜

  5. Humility and repentance go hand in hand, must repent daily…, makes sense!
    Can't get into heaven without repenting…double wow!
    Thx for all of ur messages / lessons of encouragement n truth. Ya'll are the best!


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