Humility doesn't mean weakness, but strength

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  1. Naw the earth don't . I know that was a shot fired at some one 1:12:22 then if it was like that explain those fires in California ? explain the intensity of hurricanes ? Like the our saviour you can't escape the suns wrath . tighten up watchman !

  2. Shalom I have a concern for some reason an idea came to me knowing and understand that the enemy hates Yah so much that he could have plagiarized the new testament I honestly can say it was my own concern knowing where in our captivity. I never talk with anyone about my thoughts until now because everything is starting to make since .I've been awaken to the truth 2 years now and was drawn on many occasions to search things out and did.Some occasions I was awaken in the early hours to search out things one I remember is I was driven for some reason tho study Harriet Tugman and find out what god she called on and she refused the new testament bible I wonder why???? I also was driven to go to the library to find books on slaves to see what god they called on I came across a book called black cultural and black consciousness to find out what god the slaves called on they interviewed the free slaves and documented every word they had to say about their life as a slave I just wanted to know what god they called on one slave said she heard Mrs Sara singing about Jesus so she started singing the same song I think the new test bible is the copy of the old testament. Then I meet a sista 3 months ago whom I talked to that believe the same as I I was shocked!!!!Anyways she gave me this link to this man teaching and it is an eye opener please someone just listen and tell me what u think this is serious and by the way great r u both

  3. sometimes I feel and go like "no one can tear me down!" but immediately add : except for You Lord… I mean, fear comes immediately! Thank God. In 20016 The younger daughter of the church I used to attend was stricken by an aneurism just after she got married, like 3 days after. She was the leader of worship. This church is preaching prosperity, and the leader is the wife of the pastor that actually build that community. He passed away like 10 years ago. Before the cerebral accident arrived, a pastor went out of the church, he quitter and started warning the people about weird things going on in the church and started calling them into repentance. I was in Europe when the 13 November 2015 attacks happened in France. That night I prayed and asked the Lord : what is going on? The answer was immediate, he gave me a passage in the Bible : judgement of the nations is near, but first the house of the Lord. I had confirmation the Sunday right after in church (another church).


  5. Hi, I came upon some information about the Sabbath day that's worthy to research. John 4:24 says those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth. I found out that Ancient Israelites used the Lunar calendar for the Sabbath, New Moon, and feast days according to the scriptures. Meaning, Saturday that we are using is based on the Gregorian and Julian solar Calendar which is Pagans. Even the so called Jews occupying Israel know that Saturday is not correct Sabbath day because its based on the solar not the Lunar. We already know they don't worship our Father YAHUAH. That's red flag for Saturday sabbath they observed. YAH told us not to follow the way of the heathens. Another info I came upon is that all flesh supposed to worship YAH on New Moon. I know we are on land of captivity we cant do sacrifices but we still should observed that day to worship him according to scriptures. I know we are to help one another; I wanted to share the info so you guys can do the research. I dont know how to reached brother Watchman so those of you that have contact with him let him know. If you have more info about it please share it with me. Shalem

  6. There is life and death in the power of our tongue. Joshua said as for me and my house we will serve the lord.Don't say some of them in your house wouldn't make it. Don't plant that seed in their mind

  7. SHALOM..
    I just wanted to clear something up from the live chat yesterday..
    The 144,000 are all mens..
    They are not the 1/3..
    The 144,000 are YAHOWASHI'S HA MASIACH personal praise team that will follow Him everywhere He goes in the Kingdom to come..
    The 144,000 are all mens..
    Ok just wanted to clear that up..

  8. Check out 'Invasion of Privacy' available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I would like to hear your input about the book. Todah and Shalom

  9. when i first discovered that i was an israelite and then when i discovered the curses, i felt that i would be weak when submitting to yah. sometimes i still feel that way and sometimes i question the all mighty yah himself. but after two years of being aware of things and doing some reflection, im starting to lose that pride and learning to have a "salt of the earth" mentality as well as a humble spirit. our people must be weak in order to become strong through yah. i pray everyday for a humble spirit and heart and the drive to maintain it. praise yah! may he have mercy on as many of us as possible. shalom.

  10. thank u watchman yahu and sister deborah. this was one of my favorite lessons because it really hit home personally. praise yah. have a nice day.

  11. Shalom
    i just want to thank you for all the information you and your wife put out there for us that are woke and want to learn the truth!!!!! I have a question how do i find a temple or group in my local area to learn more?

  12. Maccabees 2:6-8 The mother and her 7 sons ready and did die. Turn the other cheek, rather than to transgress the laws of our fathers.

  13. I truly thank YAH for the both of you telling the truth. stay strong in him and in the power of his might.


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