Hungary at risk of EU funding cut as Brussels launches new disciplinary procedure | English News

Hungary is at risk of experiencing funding cuts from the European Union as Brussels launches a new disciplinary procedure against it.

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Comment (37)

  1. The biggest risk in Europe is the bloodthirsty diplomats who have little of the two world wars they blew up, they need a third one as well.

  2. Orbán and Hungary voted in favor of all sanctions, voting together with Europe. Sending guns has never been the subject of word of mouth and is not mandatory. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so there is no obligation to anyone. Ukrainian refugees were received and cared for indiscriminately (more than 500,000 people). What's your problem? Aren't you barking with the herd? The US has become a puppet of NATO.

  3. Long story short, EU bureaucrats want to sanction Hungary as they are not in line with their US partners on Ukraine War. Instead of shooting itself in the foot Hungary wants to defend their citizens best interests, not interests of EU/US Globalists.

  4. Ursula Den Der Dominatrix, control freak, perfect representation of that over bearing New World order syndicate called the EU totalitarianism. Someone give here a cheese sandwich, she looks like she hasn't eaten since WW ll, when she was working for Joseph Goebbels, who Coudenhove Kalergi admired as he and Prince Heinrich of Mecklenburg and consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. They organized the original first meetings at Devos…founders of EU ambitions. one European governement.

  5. ACCORDING TO THE LATEST REPORTS, RUSSIA’S HUNGRY BEAST i.e. VLADIMIR PUTIN has phenomenally expanded his enormous wealth during his presidential reign,of twenty years by reaping benefits of being the most voracious powerful leader in his country.

    No doubt that Putin is secretly one of the richest man in the world today with his total estimated assets accounting for $ 285 billion.

    Furthermore, Putin has access to a fleet of luxurious super yachts thousands of cars and secret presidential palaces. Many Russian newspapers also reported that with his boundless riches, Putin has built a highly secure village exclusive only for Russian billionares on the outskirts of Moscow city. Many reports said that Putin’s latestacquired residence measures 123,785 Square feet which is nearly double the size of England’s royal Buckingham Palace. This new palace is worth $ 360 million and reflects the impeccable style of Russian elite suburban life and is surrounded by serene nature.

    In recent years, multiple properties such as real estates properties had been linked to Vladimir Putin. One of these properties is “GELENDZHIK PALACE” which has adjoining vineyard and this property is accessible only by helicopter.

    In 2017, Russian newspaper reported that Putin had bought another exhorbitant holiday mansion with gold-plated tiles on its swimming pool. That said mansion is located at the western border of Russia.

    Another property linked with Putin is “VILLA SELLGREN” which was built on an island in Byborg Bay.

    Moreover, Putin is also said to own dacha (Russian country house) in St. Petersburg City and also several apartments in Moscow city.

    According to a dossier compiled by Putin political critics, he even has four super yachts secretly docked in Russian ports as well as in port cities in Europe under false name of ownership. These yachts feature several luxury cabins and elegant furnished VIP rooms for his prominent guests. One of his super yachts named “OLYMPIA “ is built with rich mahogany and include a jacuzzi and marble bathrooms. This five-storey yach requires $50 million for its yearly maintainance. CONTINUE

  6. this report is a joke, the Bulgarian citizens do not want their culture diluted by neoliberal everything is acceptable…..if the colonial mind behind wion sells six thousand years of Indian culture for a paycheck that's up to the wion clowns, disparaging people fighting for their culture won't help you stand on your six thousand year feet! western neoliberalism is colapsing if wion goes with it…..India will be better off……sad from wion😞😞

  7. fact., the UN is America's puppet, which the UN does not dare with a thousand and one reasons the UN is silent on war crimes in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries, and the worst is Israel's crimes in Palestine!!! ..what is the function of the UN???… people around the world are smart and understand the game behind the scenes.

  8. migrants don't have the right to go through his country first of all. and he's example of what a good leader can do to a country he's probably running the best country in all of eu if I was Victor orban I would say if you passed this law we're dropping out of the EU and we're going to allow Russia to put military bases there with nuclear weapons

  9. What are you eating Ursula? We produce and export food for 7 million Europeans. Should we sell it to the Russians?

  10. What a disgrace this world order deciding to sanction IN depended country's really , west is a BS arrangement. We need to fight this west liberal issues.

  11. The western so called democracy is failing and is also glaring for the whole world to see how they practiced it,what a show of shame by EU.HUNGARY YOU ARE BLESSED WITHOUT THE USELESS EU.

  12. Might as well expel HungRy from EU…..seems like Hungary is Putin's puppet…..if EU go to war against Russia Hungary will sude with Russia…

  13. EU in general should have to kick out white supremacists fascist right wing leaders, because, they are a danger for Europe and the world.

  14. Expel and punish also the u.s coz they also continue to import Russian gaz and oil what a hypocrite.

  15. Orban won the elections, meaning majority of his people trust him in his decisions for Hungary. Who are US and EU to dictate a sovereign nation. thought they were pro democracy.

  16. As always , if you don’t agree with them , you will face sanctions , this authoritarian clowns , hypocrites

  17. Since Hungary is no LGBT and Gays friendly Country!! It has become my Europe favourite country after Russia


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