Husbandry, mans first job Farming Video

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  1. Watchman you have hit the nail squarely on the head without hitting your thumb! I have good success on growing a small variety of vegetables and used them to feed others along with myself in stews and side dishes. This year I hope to have corn and cabbage.

  2. Thanks. I just got a house with a small backyard. I have been looking forward to growing my own healthy-organic food.

  3. This is so true FAMILY. In the Millinnial Kingdom we will be doing just that. The ALMIGHTY says we will turn our weapons into PLOWSHEARS and our other weapons into PRUNING HOOKS. We will be FARMING. I 100 percent love where I live upstate n.y. in a agricultural farming community. Where we live they have been farming since the early 1600s. There are Old Order Amish Families who also live here. There is so much fruit and vegetables grown here that what's left over have to be thrown away which is a shame. There are no homeless people around where we can donate the extra food to. This is truly the land of milk and honey where we can buy raw honey raised by bee farmers and cattle farmers. SHALOM AND LOVE.

  4. Amazing accomplishments and message. YAH bless you and your families, good luck and happy gardening!

  5. Shalom,,,,Beautiful and healthy garden Brother Yahu,,I hope to start one will soon Most High bless,,,keep inspiring the family with tips and motivations, all praises to The Most High,,,Shalom,,,,Westcoast Listening….

  6. # BlackFarmersMovement. Love ya Watchman been hanging with you for years. Hopefully I'll be blessed to meet you and you house.

  7. Am I a God who is only close at hand?" says the LORD. "No, I am far away at the same time. ◄ Jeremiah 23:23 ►

    "Look, I come as unexpectedly as a thief! Blessed are all who are watching for me! ◄ Revelation 16:15 ►

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    "Therefore I will teach them– this time I will teach them my power and might. Then they will know that my name is the LORD. ◄ Jeremiah 16:21 ►
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    "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light." ◄ Matthew 6:22 ►

    The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes'?" ◄ Mark 12:11 ►

    Look into a light bulb for 60 Seconds, close eyes. When green light turns yellow like the sun lift your star 🌟

    You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
    ◄ 1 Peter 2:9 ►

    But many Israelites–those for whom the Kingdom was prepared–will be thrown into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."
    ◄ Matthew 8:12 ►

  8. SHABATT SHALOM WOW, so beautiful how nice and I can imagine it is so peaceful as well and while your down on your knees gardening I know your also praying, praying for our people!!! Because I feel that we all should be gardening when you look at the news and the things that are going on around you. There have been times when we have gone to
    Wal-Mart before a snow storm and a power outage I saw some of the shelves bare and when the power goes out they don't sale Dairy products and meat so anything refrigerated get tossed!! PREPARE FOR WAR IN THE TIME OF PEACE!!!! SHALOM WE LOVE YOU ALL

  9. I'm with you brother, I grow and have 12×12 greenhouse which allows me to grow year round. I will try to start a movement and get others to grow.

  10. Look at the size of the chicken you buy at the store and you can tell they are feeding them a growth harmone I encourage the young people around me to grow all the food possible and don't forget to ask God to bless your garden and be prepared for an abundant crop .



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