Hydra light Emergency Light Product Review

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  1. Those lights are also sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. If they work please let us know. I can use my employee discount.

  2. Nobody runs a flashlight constantly so its giving you a total 300 hours..Only time will tell but not buying batteries for it you already saved some money.I would not run it consistently cause your time is wasting.I think its worth keeping.I would check the other out as well.Also look for reviews on this produc.Great Video Watchman Yahu an Sister Deborah.

  3. It's a great product, no batteries needed…….But in the event there is a disaster and there is no running water, what then?

    There are hand cranked flashlights and radio's, where all that's needed is human energy to turn the hand crank, no batteries or water needed.

    I don't mean to rain (no pun intended) on anyone's parade of loving this water powered flashlight, but a handcranked flashlight is more reliable and I have seen these H20 generated flashlights advertised quite a few years ago.

    If I had only a choice of a water ran flashlight over a battery ran flashlight, I'd choose the water flashlight. It seems like a fun thing to own anyway.

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  5. I can totally get use to Watchman Yahu and Emah Devorah Yah doing more product reviews! I love love love their sense of humor! 😁
    Lol, at Watchman when he dipped his hand in the water to get the cell out 😂.
    Todah Rabah Mishpacha! ✌💜

  6. Yooo!! Yoo!! Family!! (Let "their" Be Light!!)
    Ye'll give nothing but hot metaphors!! All Praises to the Most High!!


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