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  1. I Got A Scripture For Ya would be a good mini YouTube series of teachings. To use as a way to interact with the online members who follow the ministry. Taking questions members may have about certain life trials or misunderstood doctrines, and doing short video responses on the topic. Thought that would be pretty awesome.


  2. Shalom!! All praise to the Most High Yah!! Another T-shirt is !! Let me tell you something! SCRIPTURE.

  3. Good Blessings my dear Elders!

  4. Glory be to the most high Yah. I love you guys. You guys are doing great things. My soul is uplifted.

  5. Hey Family, just wanted to say I’m grateful to TMH that I have been blessed by him through you all. You all will be recognized in Heaven and on Earth for using the Spirit of the Rauch to be ministers and shepherds of his people. May his Spirit continue to stay with you through all things. And may he continue to watch over you and your family.
    I wanted to share with you, if you would allow me. Something TMH open up my eyes to see. The revelation came because I often wondered and meditated on to how our Father’s (Those who believed in him) were able to bless or curse their children and those curses or blessings came to past or will come to past. What did they know or what was special about them, that they were able to speak things into existence. After praying, meditating and reading scriptures. I received what I believe to be true. (I can also be wrong. It’s just a thought) Everything we understand or been taught when it comes to the Books in the Scriptures. We were taught by someone else. We were taught to see the scriptures through the eyes of Man and not from Our Elohim. Yet everything that we read in the writings Came directly from men who were carried along by the Rauch. Genesis is the beginning writing to give us understanding to who TMH is, and the Power of who he is. When we read Genesis, although he is not seen by us with our very eyes. We see and hear the Power of who is by what he says or speaks into existence. This is the Mystery,Gift, Wisdom, Understanding and Power that those who believed in him understood. They themselves didn’t possess the Power to control, or move things to bend at their will. But they believed in the One was able to do these things he has said. So in believing in Only our Elohim and who he is. They passed Forward this understanding of who TMH IS and the Power of his Word, that it’s impossible for what TMH SAYS not to come true. That is why everything is spoken in What is to come until it comes to pass. Then it then becomes history. TMH never speaks in the Presence. Let’s look at these patriarchs, who understood this and who they passed it Forward to.(not backwards) Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Yacob, the Prophets, Apostles, and then our Mashiach. What do they all have in Common? Some had many Sons and Daughters. Yet not all of their children believed as their fathers did and Pass this Knowledge of Truth Forward concerning the Power of TMH’s word. Our Mashiach is the Last Opportunity given to man to understand as our Ancestors did in the Power of TMH’s Word. Christ represents the Grace given to man to return back to the Father, The One and Only True Elohim. Christ represents the Grace given to Israel his Brethren to return to our Elohim and to now pass forward this Knowledge and Wisdoms to our children so that they will pass it Forward to the next Generation of believers who will believe as our fathers believed and as we believe. And in doing so fulfilling our destiny and the fulfillment of TMH’s word that our Ancestors was trying to pass forward to us. Many don’t understand WHO TMH IS! They say they believe in God. But how can you believe in a God or call him God. If he serves you? If you believe he is The Creator of All things. How has he been made to serve us? When our Elohim Spoke everything into existence, that Word or Words are still moving Forward hitting every mark or changing things that it is commanded to do. It’s like a High Speed Train. Non stop! It was Spoken Forward. Those who believed in him and acknowledge who our Elohim is understood this.They Believed in what our Elohim said!! The Patriarchs had power in their words to do anything Good or Bad, or to give life and destroy life? No! But they understood that TMH word and what was spoken had the power. They understood in their belief in him to PASSED FORWARD This Truth TO GENERATION TO GENERATION WHAT OUR ELOHIM SPOKE! Abraham, to Isaac. Isaac to Yacob. Yacob to his Sons. They believed, so they Passed FORWARD this Truth TO THEIR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN TO THEIR CHILDREN. Our Mashiach, and the Apostle and Prophets did the same. Because the Word did not stop at the Garden of Eden. It is still moving Forward.
    Only a few will understand what I am saying. Because we are so far removed from our Elohim. And everything we know about our Elohim came from those who are not descendants of our Fathers or were or have been given his Spirit. Israel as a people are just like the rest of the Nations. If we do not return back believing in Who the True Elohim is, like those who understood this. And the Power of his Word. We can only have the Power of his Word to Pass Forward to our Children as our Forefathers did. If we Truly believe in the One True Elohim, his Son, and his Word. If not, only the curses remain.

  6. My family tunes in to all of you and sister Deborah Yahs videos. We look forward to you saying this every time.

  7. I wouldn't ask a 5 year old child for advice on life so why would I look for Truth and Real History other than the Cepher. I dont know any other book where the Truth shall set us free ❤

  8. I Love you Sister Deborah and your Beautiful Family!❤❤❤ I Loving those Tee shirts! Thank you and your Husband for the positive impact in my life! Keep walking in YAH AND YAHSHUA WILL!🕎 Love you my beautiful Family!

  9. Brother and Sister, that's a big reason why most dodge the scriptures. INSTRUCTIONS INTO RIGHTEOUSNESS! Through the guide of Father YAH and beautiful vessels such as yourselves, I now see that the vast majority of people don't want to be disciplined and follow the order with our Master Yahusha as the head of the household. The scriptures are plain unto the set apart. Obedience and the desire of discipline first. Then Wisdom. I'm thankful to know that he's going to take the sword chop all of our foolishness and wickedness off first. No pain, no gain. It's so merciful that Father YAHUWAH places righteous guides here to help us walk. Thank you for taking your bruises and teaching us how to take ours. Brother Watchman, you are a true man of our Father YAH, and brother and servant to our Master Yahusha. Contrary to popular demand, the Almighty shows his own where the truth is. Love yall. Peace and love, and Shalom

  10. Look its all about going home fam!!!!! This brother n sister is beautiful!!!! But its basically about going home!!! Remain humble !!!! Stop tryna be an alpha male or female!!!! Just live until YAH COMES!!!!

  11. I got a Scripture for you! ,
    2 Peter 2:3
    In their greed, these false teachers will exploit you with tales they have concocted. The longstanding verdict against them remains in force, and their destruction does not sleep

  12. Bro Yahu and Sis Deborah, I was anxious to know what the Scripture was u had for me.
    Do continue to pray for me as regards my bowels problem. Thank u both in advance. Lv u both in YAHUSHA HA'MASHIACH

  13. I am studying to show myself approved . I am asking Yahuah myself Glory to Yashusa. Because we are going to be judged by his word . This has inspired me to start a t shirt business myself . Thanks


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