I love my duck babies

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Comment (21)

  1. Animals are truly amazing….a gift from God. I am convinced they have spirits. They have feelings and emotions.

  2. Sorry about the babies being left behind but we are sure all will be well with them in your hands. Thanks for sharing! We love the south so much because of this type of freedom and tranquility. Lovely place you have family. – Shana

  3. I just want to know why is it that one of my favorite channels the thumbnail is always blank on all of your videos and only yours like it's being done deliberately so irritating cuz like I said this is one of my favorite channels

  4. Smh',:-)
    Psalm 127:2, King James Version',;-)

    Sound Right Reasoning, & Food For Thought.

    Smh, HA Ha ha!

    Wisdom & Peace

  5. Absolutely awesome, I love all animals. I can't wait to buy property again and have me a mini farm. I love plenty of land around my house. Thank you for the blessings and the truth. My eyes are so wide open until it's amazing how asleep I was.I still have a ways to go in the truth, everything makes so much sense, I use to go to church ( penecostal) and i use to feel so lost because it wasn't making any sense to me. Now in the truth I feel at home

  6. Sis Deborah! I Love My Little Shucky Duckies Too! I Live By A Lake I Feed Them Every Day! I Love to See Them With Their Necks Tucked Under Taking A Nap! Lool!!

  7. Quack, quack, I love them too.💞🌾. I am loving it. I tell you we LOVE animals. We have a bully pitbull and her name in dinkadink, lol. She is bigger than me. She even talks to us and act stupid through the house. She is 5 mnth and is huge and she is juat a baby and she acts just likeca baby. I love her, she is a good part of our family. A little love goesva long way.

  8. Shalom, may the most High bless you and your ministry. I would like to ask for you to pray about covering a subject that no one is talking about amongst us that is very serious. Paedophilia amongst Judah. That is a spirit and iniquity and sin plaguing our people and it had to be stopped and removed. I am seeking you as well as other brethren who have platforms to seek the most High regarding this matter. Thank you and shalom

  9. It is just AMAZING what the father is doing for you guys!!! I love your property, the land, your garden, your family, EVERYTHING!!! I am so happy for you all and just excited to see what other blessings are in store for you all praise ABBA YAH thank you father for using you all as vessels HALLELUYAH!!! P.s brother Watchman Yahu baptisted me and my husband and that's actually where me and him met and we now have a 7 week old baby named Ya'akov🤗 PRAISE YE YAH!!!!

  10. What a blessing to see what YAHUAH has done for you guys & may YAHUAH bless you guys for what you guys do to spread the truth shalom family.

  11. Mbote'( Goodmorning) I know I seen it when it 1st aired.
    But I'm gr8tful it was shown again just now.
    I'm yielding my wounded heart to our Ruach(HS)!
    I thought, my 11yr friendship…w/Another Nsangi(Sister). whom like myself we met in FakeC! I started introducing her to your ministry. Phoned me yesterday. After we'd praying in a 21days DanielFast… 3x's a day like, DaniEL prayed… as much as she would call. I kept pressing thru regardless…
    theRuach would lead me to pray the verses on faith. And all what we needed for that day. Etc.
    Trying to make this short. She phoned me to tell me. How she was gonna, to have her back surgery! I reminded her where your faith
    We must operate in it greater than we ever hath! We seeing the book of Chizayon(Rev) come out in living color. Rt be4 our eyes. I sending evidence. Like this recent video. BeforeITSNEWS.COM Showing what's really in the swan. That programs you to take the vaccine when it comes out. I begged pleaded with her to cry out keep obeying & honoring the sabbath. And TMH will heal you. U don't understand I'm in pain. My back is suffering. I told her of my pinched nerve testimony standing from'90-'92. And it happened. W/ no health ins. Or surgery period. Just serving in ministry almost 9mos straight. When I didnt wanna serve in audio min. I went anyway. I kept reminding TMH, only by God then. And off & on as TMH. Bc, he'd two different ppl. During the healing. And yrs after. Share 99%! How we are to call HIM, TMH! At All times. No matter what.
    So my Q now is. If she just takes the test. Just like now 5females in my family has. Do I stop talking to them? Bc, several hebrew ministry says how its gonna become the intro. To theMarkofTheBeast! Which is So true in, and soon the manifestation in realtime… proven in, Rev13)&(14! I told her if she does! She's considered lukewarm. And will BE Spewed out HIS mouth! Like (Rev) says.


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