I Made a Video with The New York Times

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Big thanks for Parjanya Christian Holtz who had a huge part in the edit and animation of this video:

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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  1. When I first watched the NYT video, I was like "wait, is that the guy that clickbaited everyone into watching a 15 min video about how he doesn't like pancakes and cereal?"

  2. This was the best video. I hope they do more videos with you. I really think that video needed to be on national television and still could. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Johnny you deserve this, your a top tier journalist, sorry your series with Vox was cancelled but your spirit and determination is unparalleled. We all look forward to more content on your channel and your collaborations with others.

  4. Anything you make with the New York Times biased and fake news after reading for 2 years I found thousands of fake news it's all opinion none of it's real news

  5. I'm honestly not a fan of New York Times. They're the mouthpiece for corporate America and American geopolitical issues that help causes interventionism in Latin America. They have no qualms with passing misinformation to defending straight up military coups against Bolivia. They are alongside many other "newspapers" pushing the boundaries of what constitutes propaganda and lies to favor corporations that privatize resources. This all under the guise of neoliberalism and conservativism. Sorry if I feel like I'm preaching politics but when you care about human right abuses you can't look away from a trainwreck. This love your videos on many things.

  6. First Johnny Harris video that I didn't even watch until half. It just felt like a very intentional move to blame it all on just one person. I have loved his previous videos because they're more neutral and more focused to educate, this one seemed a video entirely focused on blaming someone. As an influencer with 600k subscribers, I believe you had a fair chance to make your viewers aware of the pandemic and how we should deal with it. But did you make a video of it in Jan/Feb? No. Aren't we 'citizens' also equally to be blamed. I honestly really look upto you John, please no blame game videos.

  7. Watched your You York Times video. A couple of comments from having watched the WHO press conferences all along.
    Atypical pneumonia is not rare. Wuhan had a few cases in early december 2019 that were treated as isolated cases. It wasn't until the 3rd week of December that the number of such cases reached a point where they realised it they were no longer isolated cases.
    The delay was at about 1 week until China released info about this on December 31st. The story of the doctor who was arrested was because he tried to speak out prior to formal decision that it was an epidemic.
    China released the genetic code by january 11-12é
    First tests for Sars-CoV2 Jan 13.
    On Jan 14, WHO retweeted information from China that they did not yet have evidence of human to human transmission. WHO didn't make the statement, they relayed what China told them. AND, more importantly, to have EVIDENCE of human to human, you need a test of 1 human and test of another human with proof that second human caught it from a positive human. Before tests were available, you could not have evidence. From early january, WHO had stated it was LIKELY to have human to human from the time it was known to be a Coronavirus. (consider it takes a few days after catching it before a PCR test is positive). By January 23, the confirmation of human to human was made.
    Fast forward to April when the USA surpassed the total number of cases China had had. (60,000). All of a sudden, the Republicans/Trump start to blame China with the same false arguments. Look for: Corona Big Book
    Main Messages
    April 17, 2020 for the Republican party strategy on how to tackle the failure to deal with virus. I had a copy at the time anw saw all the republicans pulling the same arguments out of that documents. Uncanny organisation of the fight tro attack China. (I still have a copy if you can't find it).

  8. lol i still remember the zoom call where I was told it was between me and johnny who was going to be hired to make a NYT Opinion desk video since I already work there and they clearly went with him.


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