I may have a MAPS problem (studio tour) | part 2

Seriously, let me know if you know what that Soviet map is about.

part 1:


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Comment (46)

  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you but that not a Soviet map😢 it’s english translation to russian and very bad one.😅 most of names and words lacks syllables 😮

  2. This soviet map spells "industry" and the whole sentence in the title wrong. It should be "Промышленность СССР" not "Промишлинность на СССР". Who sold you this map? 😀

    I'm joking ofc. It just not in Russian language but in some slavic one.

  3. the ussr map is made in china i guess. промишленост – ‘industry’ is heavily misspelled and for some reason it’s ON ussr not IN

  4. that soviet style map was common all over commie countries, these icons would show things like split of production types, split of rural and city population of the area etc

  5. Instead of so many paper maps, why not buying just one big monitor/projector, so you can have trillion kinds of maps with PC and screen.

  6. Don't want to upset anybody, but the USSR map has a lot of basic spelling mistakes. It was most definately translated by a very bad online translator.

  7. I’m sure you’ve seen Map Men on Jay Foreman’s channel, would love to see a collaboration where you can get your map geek on.

  8. Yaass Switzerland, Btw guys i just a made a video on Potential Swiss Energy crisis inspired by johnny harris and many others, plz check it out and lemme know your honest reviews

  9. Soviet map is big, but actually horrible, because basically every toponym is misspelled, and it looks more like a set piece from Cold War movie. Title says «ПРОМИШЛЕННОСТ» (should be “ПРОМЫШЛЕННОСТЬ СССР») means not energy but overall industrial complex of USSR


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