I Need Guidance! Who should I follow? How do I know what is garbage & what to keep? Ask Watchman

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  1. You are right this is how I was able to not only be led by the spirit but also not lean into my own understanding but in all my ways acknowledge him.

  2. This how i got led to the WatchMan, through the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT!!! Remember, the Holy Spirit teacheth ALL THINGS, not Man.

  3. i sympathize with the individual asking the question. It takes much prayer and diligence and prayer and studying. The Truth and the Way and the Life is Yah and Yahushua and the help of Ruach ha Kodesh. I stopped giving my loyalty to any church organization. I only believe the Scriptures. I have left the catholic church, then the evangelical churches( which i have been to many). I fellowship with people who love the truth and I do not argue with people who are only interested in arguing and defending their own set of beliefs. I am starting to really study and learn the truth. I have to drop a belief once i have proven that it is unbiblical. First things i dropped are: sunday keeping, swine eating, pagan holidays, osas, grace without works…. and replaced it with keeping the Sabbath, annual holy days , clean and unclean meat laws, keeping the laws and commandments of Yah. I thought that was all, but that is just the basics….. I just learned about the true identity of Israel, there is no virgin birth. etc…. It can be very lonely, but thanks to the internet, there are a few true teachers out there. I am still learning. To know Yah is its great reward! We have our entire life to learn.

  4. watchman i was baptized last month by you and Yousif. im from Nyc. i need to hear the teachings from you and the great people you have around you. i know the city that i like in is not good for me. can you please tell me what to do since i know where i live at this time is not the right place. i was hoping there is a homeless shelter around your town. i have an RV- motor home. i just want to know is there an Black friendly RV home in your area so i can hear you teach the Word. i am not a trouble maker i know i can add to your team please think about what im saying. i know there is no free lunch. ill work for food and clothes. im willing to move to your time. you baptized me so please help me. i want to make it to Heaven. i need to be around good people like your congregation. i am a young man begging for help. you teach and so i learn. ive heard many who teach. yes Yah is who i seek but you are a messinger.

    ill call Yousif on saturday. i hope that you know that ive been in touch me with. Big Brother please help me get my soul in order. i do pray to Yah and he lead me to you. a 16hr drive from New York to Kentucky/Tennessee. Shalom

  5. Thanks. Your response helped me so much. I also had that same question. All praises to the most high

  6. Thanks for this message.I prayed to Yah about this and he told me to check your page and here it is my answer. HalleluYah

  7. Hello, I'm an author of Our Purposes and Why and wished to had discovered you guys before publishing my book in 2012. I've been watching your videos for the past couple of months and had REALLY ENJOYED them all and became addicted to them. But what really stood out of this video is how you both discussed issues with family like have been going through recently that is leading to the point to suicide over something simple. I really feel alone and been crying everyday and praying to Yah beforehand and believe He led me to this video that has given me some new perspectives. Though I feel a little less burden after watching, my heart is still heavy and hope Yah will help me to further understand why I'm going through this pain before making a bad decision. Thank you guys for giving me some insight and may your family continue to be blessed.

  8. this is EXACTLY how I am learning. and when the information becomes overwhelming sit through EXACTLY how brother is saying. the right path and information will come again. great video.

  9. Thank you my brother. This is exactly what is happening in my life. Yah always has lead me through teaching but now I have found you and am stuck with you and family. And am looking forward to hearing from Yah .Yah bless you and family.

  10. Yes let the Ruach Guide you she guided me to Watchman and Deborah-yah, HALLELUYAH ALL PRAISES BE TO YAH; lean not into thy Own understanding in All thy ways Acknowledge Him, YAH will Direct your Path.

  11. I am glad that question was asked… I'm in the same position… I just don't want to be on the wrong path… The main reason I never chose a so called "religion"

  12. I Thank You SO Much for the Blessings & Spritual Meat & Meal You serve us. Thank Yah for you. Blessings on you & yours. Shalom.

  13. I have no idea how I got here. 1m woke up hungry had something to eat and went back to my bed but couldn't sleep. Then I decided to go on youtube just for half an hour and my third video I watched was from the watch man post. The most high may guid me to the trueth as I have been wondering for ages with the same question that is answered here.
    Thanks. Subscribed !


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