I will ALWAYS go into heavy detail

This sound was made for me. #shorts

Go watch me go into heavy details about Doritos:

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  1. hey johnny, ive been watching your videos since your days at vox and i absolutely love your work but i don’t think that you go into enough detail these days. When I was in middle and high school i learned a lot from your videos but now that i’m at university I don’t find your videos to be as challenging. For example, in your series how europe took over the world you’re primarily providing background information that most people learn in high school. I know that you want your work to appeal to a wider audience but I think it would be super cool if you provided content on Nebula where you remove some background filler and get really nerdy with us. also just own the fact that you’re a leftist, we all know it(and love it). Keep up the good work bro!


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