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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. How are people who became wealthy in tech being trusted in matters of health? Because they're rich? Fuck them! Then Gayle comparing this to Katrina, the fuck? I'm tired of these retards.

  2. I think they are going to use the corona virus and 5g to test depopulation and control of people, which will lead to marshall law. Then use Id 2020 to to go digital with all information and identification which will usher in the mark of the beast, to make us a cashless society.

  3. People don't you see what is happening read between the lines Revelations is unveiling itself he's wicked rich people I know exactly what their agenda is hold on to the most high cuz that's all you have

  4. they want to issue the mark of the beast, eventually by using a feeble excuse that people should be identified. We do not want to be identified digitally. It is our right to refuse it.. Please leave the Africans alone in your proposed agenda.

  5. Oh no, no….Patricia [leave your bunker] come to New York and help out …😒 And did Gayle fix her mouth to bring up Katrina…😡. Not putting their money behind the homelessness or fixing water conditions like Flint…just this.

  6. Bill Gates and MARK Zuckerberg are free masons aka Catholic Church(beast) who want take away our freedom of living by global surveillance "Order out of Chaos", but we can still stop them, if we all become one, we can change these negative energy out of these earth

  7. These people are strange. They way Zuckerberg stares as she talks, 4 inches from her face. But again, you have a tech geek, who made a bunch of money, now they think they can control this, control that, they now are "recognized" as "qualified" to talk about things they have no business. Cracks me up. But thats the pure arrogance in them.

  8. That term SUB Saharan Africa is an insult developed by whites to indicate that Arabs who leave in the north are superior to blacks. Let's not allow them to use their language to demean us.

  9. New world order in effect. Trying to play GOD. man has gone too far. Don,t they know they will be judge also. There's a place in hell for these people. Bill and Melinda look all innocent but are devil worshippers.

  10. So, 400 year curse ends (and they know we got next) Hebrews begin to wake up. And they roll out the beast system. FATHER Yah is sooo good! He told us what would happen and what we must do. and that many of us will perish as a result of their draconian laws. But OUR REWARD WILL BE FAR GREATER.

  11. I just watched this video and I find it really disturbing that the same man (Bill Gates) is a part of this scheme, along with Zuckerberg! Gates is the same guy that believes that there are too many people in the world (non-Whites or shall I say…Blacks) and feels that we can eliminate some with vaccines. Now you guys want to help us, avoid lots of diseases, with your vaccines? WOW! And Zuckerberg just looks creepy to me! I wouldn't trust these men with my dog! Now ask yourself…has the White, rich, and powerful man ever wanted to help us? I think not!

  12. We dont need digital identity. Social exclusion? They invent issues and come with drastic changes to control population.Curteousy of Bill Gates. Digital identity = mark of the beast and those who dont have it wont have access to anything. THEN END TIMES.The way Zuckerberg looks at her is creeeepy!! Like he never seen her before👽


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