Idistaviso 16 AD – Roman-Germanic Wars DOCUMENTARY

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In our previous animated historical documentary series on the Roman history, the Empire was defeated for the first time at the battle of the Teutoburg Forest by the German tribes under Arminus. But the Emperor Augusts, his successor Tiberius and the best Roman general of the time Germanicus were not planning to leave this without a response. These new campaigns culminated at the Battles of Idistaviso and the Angrivarian Wall of 16 AD.

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The video, alongside Machinima for it was created by Malay Archer while the script for this video was written by Matt Hollis.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

Machinimas were made on Total War: Rome 2 engine (

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Comment (35)

  1. A total reiteration of Roman propaganda still working away silently 2000 years later. It is impossible to "fire" a titled aristocrat, especially in the face of a major military loss. This necessitates "promoting" said Military commander (Germanicus) to a shelf somewhere in Low IQ land, where he can be done away with in private, such that it won't hurt moral. Arminius on the other hand was killed by those closest to him out of jealousy, massive cognitive dissonance at work. Arminius started Teuteberg Forrest battle with less than 100 men, any more than that would have included betrayal. His continuous success, and rumors of massive loot, brought out swarms of opportunists, which finally overwhelmed Varus. Anything else requires cognitive dissonance, such as, Arminius was able to unite 100,000 stone age tribesmen, across 500 miles, without alerting the Romans. It is despicable to have to contend with this slobbering cognitive dissonance which seems to have become worse in 2019.

  2. What a fantastically produced documentary! What I personally took from this, as memory, isn't any glory for anyone however….the thought of women and children being butchered,, raped undoubtedly by fully armed men….No glory at all, I think people should spare a moment of how these people felt…Children for God's sake….Maybe this isnt the place to post such things, but surely that can't be normal to feel nothing at such horror.

  3. It's crazy how much Rome would've conquered more if their selfish emperors worried more about their military campaigns than themselves. Germanicas was 1 victory away from conquering germania destroying 2 armies of up to 50k troops is near the end game and its a shame germanicas was a pawn of tiberius.

  4. I would like if you could make a video about how the Roman army equipped its soldiers. I mean, for the ancient world, were a black smith took 2 weeks to make a helmet, how did the Roman army equip 50+ thousand soldiers? They had to have some sort of method, the soldiers also didn't go and buy their own things, they were given all their arms.

  5. Though Germanicus was a stellar General and beloved by Rome, his brutal means of conquest, almost Mongol in style, did little to win him support of any Germanic Tribes with which he could have continued the aspects of "divide and conquer". Again, we have only the Roman (winners) side of recorded events and thus, such means were no doubt supported but it still proved to unite rather than divide, thereby failing in the ultimate goal.
    Thanks again for a great vid K&G!

  6. The events of the battle feel like fiction. Especially to witness Roman Legions standing in formation against all its might with the purpose of vengeance has to be one of the most intimidating sights in ancient pre-Christian Europe.


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