If you promote Marriage to Gentiles you will be judged.

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  1. Can you list all of the Scriptures that prohibit interracial marriage? I would like to do a thorough study on the matter.

  2. I totally agree with you but it appears that all Hebrew ministries are teaching that Boaz married Ruth and King David was allowed to marry Bathsheba and both these women were gentiles and this happened after the law was given and that the Messiah came through Ruth and Bathsheba so therefore Hebrews are teaching that marrying gentiles is acceptable. based on Ruth and Bathsheba how do you refute marriage to these 2 women since the Messiah came through these women….Thanks 🙂

  3. Hello family do anyone know the video that watchmen and Deborah was talking about dat we are not to date gentiles and other nations thanks

  4. I am still confused about how marrying within my own race can be a solution when from Bible days they were mixing up races. Up to this point, how can I say my own race?? Are we talking about marrying my own color?? Because race…how can any of us say my own race.
    I do believe we should be marrying our own kind, but that would only work for color because race is out of it. At this point, I don't know what race I am just what color I am.

  5. Why can't I be a white Israelite? And after Yeshua came and died for us any gentile that accepts him as their personal Lord and savior they are no longer Gentile, isn't this correct.?

  6. Unfortunately I made the mistake of marrying outside my race. However, I am leaving him and have repented. Thankful we didn't have children and even more thankful that the Lord opened my understanding and eyes up. I'm not going to lie though, I love him but not more than TMH. He may be a gentile but if he obeys the word he can be grafted in. That's what I believe. However, we are not suppose to be together even if he is grated in.

  7. The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. All praises to TMH!!! HIS WORD does not come back void !!!! I loved this message of truth from Our FATHER through The Messiah!

  8. I have no doubt about the Israelite Hebrews being black but how do I know I am even in that category being that I can't really Trace any of my lineage back to that also my wife have Hispanic and have Hungarian does that make her a gentile her father is Hispanic and indigenous American so how do I even know if she's a gentile or not in the end we all will be judged

  9. Yah have been so gracious to me on this matter I’m a Nigerian and came to live in Europe in my teenage years and the only people around me are white people, I don’t have the knowledge that we couldn’t marry to other race, but when my time is up to get married I return to my country to marry my wife, today I am happy to see my children that look like me, and I will encourage my kids to do the same like me
    Thanks to watchman and Deborah for enlightening this issue

  10. Bring it out Deborah. You are definitely sent from the most high God of Abraham isaac and Jacob my dear Terry from Los Angeles's California

  11. I’ve sin against Yah, I’m married to asian gentile. But, this was before my awakening. My gentile husband allows me to pray and worship. I pray that The Most High has mercy on my soul, and forgives me like Timothy’s mother. I just want to focus on Yah. I’m sorry Yah for my wicked ways.

  12. Eph`siyim 2:11-22
    "all sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the set apart Spirit shall not be forgiven men.
    Mattithyahu (Matthew) 12:31 TS2009

    If we are truly repented, we are forgiven and there is NO COMDINATION for those who are in Yahshua Hamashiach

  13. Black women know that given a choice most black men would choose a white woman over them. Look at the wealthy sports players movie stars. and politicians. . If you want to see the most desirable women look at Victoria Secret catalog. 90 percent are Nordic looking white women.

  14. I wonder how many of you commenting on here have mixed-race blood. No one in the world now a day is 100% one race. Stop promoting MORE HATE. The bible says to love one another.

  15. Greetings in the name of Yahushua.
    I have a question. So are you saying it is okay for a woman to teach and exercise authority over the man because There is no law saying she can’t? I mean obviously I know she can teach because the older woman is supposed to teach the younger woman but when it comes to a man and a woman what’s the order? Because I’ve grown up witnessing women becoming offended buy this scripture/verse all my life. Biblically is it wrong to believe this way?

  16. Peace and blessings sister much reverence for your wisdom and all praise to the most high for bring u to the truth in order to give guidance to the lost and confounded our people especially our sisters Teach sis

  17. I wanted to ask you cuz I'm curious ??when it stated not to marry other nations was it that the human race was not to marry the non-human race the nephilim the seed of the serpents .. because didn't Jesus tell them when they said your mother's here your brother's here he says who is my mother who is my brother those who follow HIM !! SO THERE WAS A HUMAN RACE AND THE NON-HUMAN RACE AND THOSE FALLEN ANGELS CAME DOWN TO EARTH AND HAD THE WOMEN ON EARTH AND HAD CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN HAD CHILDREN AND SO ON AND SO FORTH…

  18. I have family members that are connected to the heathen by marriage and so forth but now that I know the truth I don't support it at all.

  19. This is why i don't agree with you Mrs. Deborah when it comes to this. I agree with much of what you and your husband Mr. Yahu teach, but not this. I was born from a black seed and delivered from a white womb. Although i am a hebrew (through) my father's lineage, does Yahweh not accept me because my mother is white? He knew me before she did. Also, i , like many did not have knowledge of Yah ever saying ever, we could not marry outside of our race. I know he said not to marry into other nations because of the risk of the children of Y'israel worshipping false gods and doing abominable things and leaving Yah.. but never have i ever seen in SCRIPTURE where a man and woman cannot be joined together because of the color of their skin. So let's say it is proven to me, or to many other young black men out there.. who have married outside of their race.. do you expect us to just divorce our wives?????? Is that also not wicked before Yah?? I came into this knowledge well after we got married, why would Yah allow me to marry someone who is not black, only to want me to divorce her ? And i myself come from two different nations. I ask these questions respectfully and curiously. YAH BLESS ELDER!!!

  20. Our people can never grow in purity, if we continue to marry outside of our own race . Our people always desire to have a mixed race child as though have a mixed race child is more beautiful than a pure Israelite child , our so called black children and their parents are so beautiful that white folks are always tanning just get close to are skin color . Our black sisters are so beautiful , that the angels had to come down and take wives of them , check the book of Genesis those women were dark skin women , there were no white people around doing that time . BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL

  21. You guys are so wrong. We are under a new covenant of love not racism. "In the saying `new,' He hath made the first old, and what doth become obsolete" (Heb. 8:13, YLT). And the reason Christ "redeem us from the curse of the law" (Gal. 3:13, YLT) is because the law of Moses wasn't given by God but by "the disposition of angels" (Acts 7:53, KJV) and these had to be fallen angels because God didn't redeem us from Himself. The Hebrews made a covenant with Satan which you are upholding! Read Matthew 5:21 onward. The Messiah rejects the law of Moses. He NEVER calls it His law or God's law. Do a word search. He didn't claim it because it is Satan's law from which He redeemed us. You are in bondage and calling people to bondage.

  22. I'm not religious but in spite of that, as a black African from one of the many Israelite cultures on the continent (and there are very many), I can definitely see the wisdom in the biblical teaching of not marrying foreign wives. I identify more with the secular aspects of bantu culture than the religious ones, but there's definitely a lot of common ground here.

    The dilution of THE bloodline is a multi-pronged attempt to subdue us financially, culturally, genetically and psychologically by the ashkenazi imposters, for the benefit of white supremacy.

    Black people have been having their financial, cultural, genetic and natural resources stolen from them for millennia for the benefit of whites (here I lump jews, anglos, white asians and arabs together) and we never seem to get a hold of this ever shifting con game. Other than the continued theft of our natural resources from the continent, the biggest finesse right now is this interracial agenda.
    White people are trying to reverse their birth dearth by incorporating our dna into theirs and in the process continuing to expand the buffer class of bi-racial/interracial people, who are now being promoted as the 'new and better' black. And sorry to say but our black men are the weakest link in this. Just look at how much money moves from the black community to the white community every time a white woman divorces a well to do black man. I see it happening in the Western media (politicians, entertainers and educated professionals) and its increasingly happening here on the continent too, especially since many whites are relocating here. The biracial children in both cases 9/10 times end up marrying white as well and wiping out any black left in them.

    Other than that, the divide and conquer between black men and black women continues. I really don't know what its going to take to way more of us up quicker (whether you're looking at the situation from a religious or secular point of view), or may be those of us who insist on diluting their blood line should just go ahead and do so and annihilate themselves. The trash should take itself out.

  23. I am not a prejudice person but I have always believed that everybody should stick with their own. I think black people choose to mix with white people simply because they want their children to have that that light complexion and the so-called good hair. I mean I think about people like Serena Williams for instance black women would jump over 100 black men to get with the white one that's sad. You mean to tell me out every black man in the world you couldn't find one to love? That's b*****

  24. I can feel hatred when our people being with another nation. They stepped outside of 12 Tribes of Israel. Their hatred toward themselves, their brothers and sisters and YAHUAH. Also hatred toward the truth Messiah📖🙏🏾👑

  25. 2 Esdras 6:54-56 KJVA

    54 And after these, Adam also, whom thou madest lord of all thy creatures: of him come we all, and the people also whom thou hast chosen. 55 All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because thou madest the world for our sakes 56 As for the other people, which also come of Adam, thou hast said that they are nothing, but be like unto spittle: and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel

  26. 🤔Intercourse between virgin man & woman after parental blessing has bestowed upon the head of the son to be by the wife to be's father, THIS IS MARRIAGE ONLY ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURE, as the only grounds for divorce is sexual cheating, Proof of infidelity, and a letter of divorce, ONLY,…SO Intercourse between nonvirgins make ups & break-ups is all ADULTERY, SO THOSE THAT THINK THE RING AND A CEREMONY IS MARRIAGE BETWEEN TWO NON-VIRGINS ARE SADLY MISTAKEN BUT ARE THE PARTAKERS OF ADULTEROUS RELATIONSHIPS ONLY, WAGING UP SINS AS THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH,….TRUTH NOT HATE IN YAHUAH'S VOICE MADE FLESH AND DWELT AMONGST MEN YAHUSHA HA MASHYAHK I TYPE, WARN, INFORM, AND CONTINUE TO BLOW THE SHOFAR SPARING NONE,…SHALUM MISPACHA 📜

  27. So God doesn’t want white and black getting married even if both of them serve Christ???? What a lie and deception!!! God explained why and it had nothing to do with melanin WOW 😯 THIS IS SAD can someone explain then why Moses married a Midianite, Ruth married a Moabite and Judah laid with Thamar who wasn’t of Israel but was a Canaanite….come on now it has nothing to do with Skin color, the Book
    of Acts says God created all Nations from 1 blood 🩸 The Most High God said it plain and simple, THEY WILL TURN YOUR HEARTS AWAY FROM GOD AND YOU WILL SERVE AND LOVE THEIR FALSE gods And IDOLS.!!! How is it in the Old Testament a stranger or foreigner could circumcise his flesh and keep the commandments and be deemed as one of Israel, SCRIPTURES STATE THAT and we are to treat them as such, # 2 Romans says not every one who says they’re Israelites are Israel the Bible says this also so just because he’s African American doesn’t make him a Hebrew because the children of Ham and the Canaanites were dark skinned, # 3 in the Apocrypha: the book of Judith Achior an Ammonite GENTILE circumcised hisself and joined Israel serving God, so can he be PREVENTED FROM MARRIAGE WITHIN ISRAEL IF HE JOINED THEM AND IS RECOGNIZED AS SUCH ….the answer is no!!! God wanted his children to be Holy and set apart teaching all nations and demonstrating the Power of God but they were lead astray not just by people with light/ peach colored skin but also other melanated Nations…so you defeat the purpose trying to add your own spin on it. The Most High God states to Peter not to call anyone common or unclean and Peter said truly God shows no favortism yet those of ANY NATION who loves and serves him those are such God accepts, Christ even offered the Samaritan woman Salvation and the Holy Spirit and convicting her of having many husbands….Christ said when he returns it will be NATION AGAINST NATION AND KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM….I really believe that now folks is out here LIFTING UP THEIR FLESH WHICH WONT INHERIT THE KINGDOM AND THE BIBLE STATES THIS AGAIN, I’m not Just defending the children of Japheth because that’s who they are, I’m defending all nations from confusion!!! READ THE WORD FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE AND DONT HAVE SOMEONE READ IT FOR YOU….KNOWING THAT YOUR IGNORANCE GRIEVES THE HOLY SPIRIT…..I’m done

  28. I love your videos yet when it comes to this black and white hate and contention you cause others to Miss the point of the Gospel which is about the Heavenly Father and Christ and the Holy Spirit, I know the Holy Spirit DID not approve this message if one reads the scriptures they will find out…..smh

  29. What if you didn’t know who you were? I didn’t know I was an Ysrealite woman. I read the Bible growing up but I thought the chosen ones were the White Jewish people 🥲Yah have been leading me to the truth for the past year however, I have been married to my husband for 7 years now and we have 2 little girls. Do I then put them away ? My husband is Italian and we did have a lot of issues for 2 years when we got married because his family were racist and unkind towards me. I was able to cry out to Abba Yah, and he made his family stop coming around for past 3 years now. What should I do? I love my husband and our kids.

  30. That's goes for polygamy too!!! YAH, allowed it…but, did not, create men, to be have multiple wives…or esle, why, didn't Adam, have more than one woman.


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